Rangin Pahar Belpahari (Khadan Dungri) – Rainbow Mountain

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Rangin Pahar Belpahari

Rangin Pahar Belpahari (Khadan Dungri) – Rainbow Mountain

Well friends, if I talk about Belpahari then here you will get many tourist attractions places like Dhangikusum Waterfall, Gadrasini Hill, Khandarani Lake, Laljal Cave, and many more. So now we have come to know about a new tourist attraction that is going viral on Facebook for the last month Rangin Pahar.

RANGIN PAHAR (রঙিন পাহাড়)

Yes, friends, for the last one month it is going viral in the name of Rangin Pahar (রঙিন পাহাড়). Belpahari also has rainbow mountains like Peru in locally said to be Rangin Pahar. One of the tourists found the trail of this mountain through social media. To the locals, however, it is better known as ‘Khadan Dungri’.

Rajesh Mahato, a resident of Odalchua in Belpahari, has played an important role in promoting this new tourist destination in the Belpahari block of Jhargram.

When you come to visit Belpahari, go through the village of Odalchua and then cross the jungle path a few hundred meters above you’ll see this ‘Rangin Pahar‘. It is as if someone has painted color on the stone. But in reality, it is not. Red, yellow and white stones can be seen in the sunlight. It’s just a stone of that hill.

The small part of the hill is made of colorful stones. This amazing tourist destination of Belpahari is still unknown to tourists. If tourists find out about this beautiful hill, it will add new feathers to the tourist map of the Jhargram district.

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How To Reach

First Reach To Belpahari Indira Chowk & Then Take Left To Dhangikusum-Kankrajore.

  1. Head northwest on SH 5 toward Hospital Rd
  2. Turn left
  3. Turn left
  4. Turn right
  5. Turn left
  6. Arrive at location: Khadan Dungri (Rongin Pahar)

Distance Between Jhargram to Belpahari

Belpahari is a tribal village situated at a distance of 35 km from Jhargram in West Bengal. The pitch-black road from Jhargram to Belpahari is thickly forested with a variety of tropical trees on both sides. The place is surrounded by Sal, Mahua, Piyal, Sonajhuri, and Eucalyptus trees. The peaceful and serene environment of this village is mesmerizing.

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Now let me give you the information about hotels. You will not find any hotel there. Ask some locals in the village for nearby homestays. Small shops will be found for food and drink. Where you can take some snacks etc., which will give you energy in trekking, definitely take drinking water with you.

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Thank you Hope you liked this new tourist attraction RANGIN PAHAR.


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