Dharchula Uttarakhand Famous Border Of Nepal Routes Itinerary And Tips

Dharchula Uttarakhand Famous Border Of Nepal Routes Itinerary And Tips

Dharchula Uttarakhand Famous Border Of Nepal Routes Itinerary And Tips

Dharchula Uttarakhand: Dharchula is a tehsil in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, India, located on the border of Nepal and Tibet. It is nestled between the mountains, yet unlike other hill stations, it is not too cold. Located 940 meters above sea level, this small but important town is the gateway to Om Parvat and Adi Kailash. The market area is a great place to stroll and wander, with shops along the main road and residential buildings behind them. Near the bus station, you will see vehicles parked along the route.

Bhotiya Tribe

The Bhotiya tribe, known for their trade and animal husbandry in the high Himalayan region, migrates to places like Dharchula and Munsiyari during winter. Dharchula is also close to beautiful Munsiyari, home to the vibrant Shoka community, known for its rich cultural heritage. The town is an excellent base to visit the Vyas Valley, Adi Kailash, Om Parvat, and the source of the Kali River at Kalapani. 

Dharchula is also home to the confluence of the Kali and Gori Ganga. The annual trade fair between India and Nepal is held here in November, attracting traders from across the country. The fair also had participants from Tibet. Another attraction near Dharchula is the Askot Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1986, and famous for its musk deer. Dharchula’s proximity to Nepal makes it an ideal place for cross-border trips.

The Kali River separates Dharchula in India and Darchula in Nepal, which are connected by a pedestrian bridge. Indian citizens can enter Nepal without a passport or visa, using only an Aadhaar card. The Nepalese people are known for their hospitality and simplicity, making trips enjoyable. In Darchula, Nepal, adorned with traditional jewellry, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Dharchula, India. Despite being two different countries, there is a deep bond of warmth and brotherhood among the locals.

Geographical Similarities

Cross-cultural marriages are common due to cultural similarities and both Indian Rupees and Nepalese currency are accepted for shopping. There are many hotels, restaurants, and shops in Dharchula, although some goods may be a little more expensive than in Indian cities due to import costs. In contrast, locally produced Nepalese products are often cheaper. When media outlets sensationalize issues between India and Nepal, the border communities suffer the most, as they are very closely linked socially and culturally. However, through dialogue and understanding, these issues can be resolved. For Indians, Nepal is like a second home due to shared cultural and geographical similarities.

For Indian travellers, travelling to Nepal without a passport or visa and enjoying visiting a foreign land is an incomparable experience. Around Darchula in Nepal, there are many tourist attractions and trekking routes. If you are from Darchula or know about important places in Darchula, please share your information in the comments.

In Pithoragarh district, there are many other beautiful places like Patal Bhuvneshwar, Hat Kalika, Gangolihat, Chaukori, Didihat, Berinag, Munsiyari, Jhulaghat and Tawaghat. 

How To Reach Dharchula

The nearest airports to Dharchula are Pithoragarh and Pantnagar. Currently, there are no regular flights from Pithoragarh Airport. You can fly to Pantnagar Airport and then take a taxi or bus to Dharchula. The nearest railway stations to Dharchula are Tanakpur and Kathgodam. You can see the distances on the screen.

If you are involved in travel, hotels, or homestays in the Dharchula area, you can submit your business information by mail at ltravel395@gmail.com.

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