Turga Falls or Gaghkocha Falls Purulia

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Turga Falls or Gaghkocha Falls Purulia

Turga Falls or Gaghkocha Falls Purulia: Well, tell me, is there any place in West Bengal where you will find mountains, forests, waterfalls, and greenery all together? Yes, you are right, I am talking about the Purulia district.

Natural Beauty Of Turga Falls

Ajodha hills are the main attraction of the district and there are some beautiful waterfalls to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Turga Falls (Gaghkocha Falls) Purulia must be one of them. It is a cascading fall with crystal clear water.

Each drop of water is so clear that it looks like you are looking through glass. If you visit Turga Falls on a bright sunny day, it will seem like the waterfall is coming straight from the sky.

You can visit Turga Falls (Gaghkocha Falls) on the way from Ayodhya to Baghmundi. It is located at a distance of 57 km from Purulia. The view of the falls is mesmerizing as the water is pristine and clear.

As the water rushes over the fountain stones, you can hear the cascading sound. With the silent nature around, the sound of water with the birds, and the familiar atmosphere around will create a piece of natural music to entertain the audience.

The place is so pleasant that you will forget all the stress of your life. Spend a few days in Purulia and take a wonderful tour of Turga Falls (Gaghkocha Falls) Purulia.

The attraction of Turga Falls

1. Turga Falls (Gaghkocha Falls) is not as fierce as Bamni Falls but it is more beautiful. Water flows from the mountain all around. Climbing up from the bottom you will see a powerful stream of water flowing gracefully over huge rocks which is absolutely stunning.

2. The melodious song of colorful birds and the chattering of squirrels make the environment a pleasant place away from the hectic city life. It is a great place for a picnic and a must-visit for anyone visiting Ayodhya Hills.

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