The History Of Asansol – What You Didn’t Know About Asansol West Bengal

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The History Of Asansol – What You Didn’t Know About Asansol West Bengal

Impressed by the valor and patriotism of Nakdi Rai and Ramakrishna Rai, the Maharaja donated this forest land. The history of Asansol is read from the pen of Sachindranath Rai, a descendant of the Rai family, a distinguished social worker of Asansol (ASANSOL HISTORY). Due to the abundance of Asan trees in this area, it was called the Asansol forest. Asan Forest later became Asansol, Similarly, the names of Murgashal, Siyarsol, etc. have also been named after trees.

How was this forest?

In a word, it can be said that this forest was full of fierce predatory animals. Now coming to the historical context of Asansol. From the time of Emperor Akbar, we come directly to 1740 AD. Alivardi Khan was the Nawab of Bengal at this time. At this time Shatrughan Shekhar Garuda Narayan Singhdev was sitting on the throne of Panchkoti. From 1742 onwards, under the leadership of Bhaskar Pandit, there were frequent bargi attacks in Bengal. There was also an attack in Panchkot state. During this period, two Kshatriyas, Veera Nakdi Raya, and Ramakrishna Rai were the commanders of the frontier forces of the Panchkot state in Asansol Vananchal.

In 1742 a group of Burgi tried to enter the forest of Asansol. Nakdi- Ramakrishna and his Panchkot army thwarted the invaders’ attempt to enter the forest of Asansol. There was a lot of blood in the forest of Asansol. Standing in that bloody forest, we get two different histories. One is the infamous history of murder, looting, atrocities on women, and arson, a class headed by Bhaskar Pandit, the author of this inhuman history. The second is the glorious history of valor and patriotism. The authors of this great history are Nakdi and Ramakrishna.

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ASANSOL HISTORY: The village was established by cutting the forest.

Impressed by Nakdi and Ramakrishna’s valor and patriotism, Maharaja Garuda Narayan Singh of Panchkot also donated his 376/2 (three hundred and seventy-six rupees four annas two pai) jagir in a large area of ​​his Asansol forest. Official documents state that this area is located in Jal Manbhum, Pargana Shergarh. This area comes under Panchkot state. Then the vassals Nakdi Rai and Ramakrishna Rai established the village by cutting the forest. The name of the village is Asansol.

When Asansol village was established, at that time no other village or city was formed in the vicinity. The nearest village at that time was Niyamatpur in the west and Raniganj in the east. People of different castes and occupations were brought in to make Asansol a self-sufficient village and settlements were built in their place. These include Brahmins, blacksmiths, potters, washermen, barbers, weavers, doms, cobblers, bauris, and others. Asansol village is situated in the calm and gentle shade of the dense forest. Huge reservoirs like Padma Dam, Ram Saar, and Sita Sair were excavated. Temples of various gods and goddesses were established. We can know about old Asansol by reading this information from researchers and historians. For a long time, coal mines have been built around Asansol village, railways, and industries have been started.

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