Murguma Dam Natural Beauty Of Ajodhya Hills Purulia

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Murguma Dam

Murguma Dam Natural Beauty Of Ajodhya Hills Purulia

Murguma Dam Natural Beauty Of Ajodhya Hills Purulia: I don’t know what is there in Purulia be it winter, summer, or monsoon, the beauty of Purulia leaves behind even the famous places.

What come’s first in your mind when you listen to the name of Purulia?

I know red soil, Charida village, and Ayodhya hills.

Purulia is a place that has no dearth of things to see. As there are many mountains, there are falls. There are deep forests of Shal-Pial-Mahua, there are Chhau dance halls, there are rivers and lakes, and along with it, there are several palaces and houses of zamindars. There are many old temples also.

Murguma Dam in Purulia – There are many rivers and streams in Purulia. Obviously, you will find several dams there. Murguma Dam is definitely one of those beautiful dams that must be visited during your stay in Purulia. The natural beauty of the place will grab all your attention while you are there.

Actually, the dam in Purulia is the village where the dam is located on the Saharjore river.

Do you know the meaning of Murguma? According to local people, it means ‘home for peacocks‘. The blue water of this dam is so clear that you feel like you are on an Andaman island.

Natural Beauty of Dam

The dam is surrounded by dense forest and many small green hills. The amazing beauty of the Dam will make you feel like you are in Darjeeling. Murguma village and dam is located at the foothills of Ajodhya Pahar and very close to the famous tribal village Begunkodar. Dam along with the entire village creates a magnificent natural beauty that will soothe the tired eyes of the urbanites.

Dam stores water for the use of local people and that water is mainly used for agriculture. Apart from Murguma village, there are other tribal villages around the dam like Mamudi, Bamni, Leva, Lakshipur, Gurbera, etc. Once you visit these villages you can get the perfect tribal village picture of Purulia.

In conclusion, Murguma Dam is a beautiful natural destination in the Ajodhya Hills of the Purulia district, and a must-visit for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the great outdoors.

Google Maps: Murguma Dam

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