Haunted Railway Station Begunkodar – Such a railway station, where even today no one goes after dusk; Closed for 40 years due to fear of ‘Ghost’

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Haunted Railway Station Begunkodar

There are many such places in the world including India, which have many secrets in themselves. These places are also called haunted, due to which everyone avoids going there. Kolkata: There is one such railway station in India. Which remained closed for about 40 years due to mysterious deaths and a shadow. In the year 2009, that station was made operational again, but in the evening, that station still becomes deserted and no one dares to go there.

Railway Station Started In The Year 1960

The name of this mysterious place is Begunkodor Railway Station. This railway station is in the Purulia district of West Bengal. This railway station was opened in the year 1960 with the efforts of Santhal queen Mrs. Lachan Kumari. Initially, everything was fine here but after about 5 years an employee claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at the railway station.


The Employee Saw Woman’s Ghost On The Track

That railway employee told about this to the next other colleagues. Some other people also supported this point of his. He said that a woman had died after being hit by a train. Since then his ghost is wandering at the railway station. However, the railway officials ignored his words.


Station Master Found Dead

After some time the station master of Begunkodor was found dead in the railway quarters. No one could know how he died. After some time the railway sent another station master but he too could not live properly. People claimed that the same ghost was involved in the deaths of the previous station master.


‘Mysterious Shadow’ was seen running with the train

People who came in panic due to this incident said that whenever a train passed by after dusk, the ghost of the woman used to run along with the train. Sometimes that ghost used to run faster than the train and overtake the train. Many people claimed that they had also seen the ghost of a woman dancing on the tracks in front of the train.

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Drivers used to increase the speed before the station

It is said that at that time whenever a train passed through this station (Begunkodor Railway Station), the loco pilots used to increase the speed of the train before coming to the station. So that they could cross this station as soon as possible. The people sitting in the station used to close all the windows and doors before coming to the station. When the station passed, their life would come to life.

People stopped coming to the station

The fear of the woman’s ghost increased so much in the people that they started to dodge away from coming to this station. Gradually people stopped coming here. Even the railway employees working at the station ran away in fear. Due to fear, neither did any passengers want to get down there nor did anyone come to this station to board the train. After this, the entire station became deserted. Eventually, the trains stopped stopping at this station.

At present people still do not stop here at the station after

the evening

Due to the mysterious shadow, this station Begunkodor Railway Station remained closed for about 40 years. After this, on the orders of the then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee, this station was reopened in the year 2009. Since then trains have started running here and staff. At present, about 10 trains stop here, but the fear of that shadow is so much that after dusk, the station becomes deserted. While most of the station staff also leave it before night and leave for home.


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