Lal Kakra Beach Purusottomopur – Lal-Kakra Sea Beach Camp

Lal Kakra Beach

Lal Kakra Beach Purusottomopur – Lal-Kakra Sea Beach Camp

Lal Kakra Beach Purusottomopur – Lal-Kakra Sea Beach Camp: Lal Kakra Sea Beach (Purusottomopur) is a small beach near Mandarmani Beach in Purba Medinipur district in West Bengal, India. The distance between Mandarmani to Lalkakra Sea beach is about 3 km. Days per day it’s becoming a famous offbeat place in West Bengal.

  • The distance From Kharagpur to LalKakra Sea Beach Is Approx. 113 Km Via SH-5 Keshiari-Belda-Egra-Contai
  • Google Map: LalKakra Sea Beach

Lal Kakra Beach is situated between Mandarmani beach and the Pichboni estuary. Presently, it has become one of the most popular weekend destinations for adventure lovers. The most unique thing about this place is the presence of a large number of red crabs which makes this beach known as Lal Kakra Beach.

Where To Stay:

Stay at Mandarmani Backpackers Camp because there is no hotel or resort near Lal Kakra sea beach. Izifiso Mandarmani Backpackers’ Camp gives you a stay option in Family Tents (Rs. 1300/- per head per day), The campsite has two common western toilets cum bath with 24 hours running water.


How to reach Lal Kakra Beach?

  • Lal Kakra Beach is about 113 km from Kharagpur and is 3 hour drive. If you are going there by car, you must first reach the Contai. After reaching Contai head to Chawlkhola it’s about 15 km from Contai, and from there Lalkakra Beach is about 15km away.
  • If you are taking a Train or Bus from Kharagpur, get down at Chawlkhola and then take a shared toto to Lalkakra Beach.

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