Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur 2024

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Maa Manasa Mandir - Madpur - Temples in Midnapore

Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur

Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur – Mansa Temples in Midnapore: It is one of the well-known and most visited temples by pilgrims during the Bengali month of Chaitra. The temple is unique because it has no roof. Just a structure of a building. It is situated near Jakpur & Madpur railway station.

You can worship(Puja) yourself or book your purohit(priest) for puja purposes. You can give ‘Khirbhog’ here. You have to prepare it yourself. There are many veg hotels near the temple.

Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur - Mansa Temples in Midnapore

You can get a veg meal and breakfast. There is a shop for Worship materials (Puja Samagri). This is a must-visit place near Kharagpur for a devotee. From Kharagpur, it is about 7 km. If you come by train, get down at Jakpur, and morning you can get a local van or Toto car.

From Kolkata and Howrah station, you can get down at Madpur station and take Toto. If you are in a small group. Nature lovers should drop by Jakpur and enjoy a 40-minute village walk.

NOTE: Only local trains ( Howrah -Kharagpur local or Howrah-Medinipur local) stop in Madpur or Jakpur station.

Maa Manasa Mandir - Madpur - Temples in Midnapore

History Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur

I have heard a lot about this temple. This temple is popular for Devi Maa Manasa (Maa is actively present here to fulfill the wishes of followers). Local people say if you wish with your heart, Maa will fulfill your dream. So I had the wish to visit this place for Devi darshan and listen to the history behind it.

Maa Manasa Mandir - Madpur - Temples in Midnapore

As per the local saying, there was a temporary altar(a high table that is the centre of a religious ceremony) in this place 10 years back. The New Mandir was built just four years back. Actually, this area was covered with dense forest and long grassland.

A herd of cattle Jaminder came here for grazing. One day, jaminder’s mink man observed that cows were not giving milk when they came from the jungle area. Jaminder ordered to check.  

Cowmen later found that every day cows entered the nearby bush and jungle areas and gave milk to someone inside the jungle. As per Hindu mythology, snakes can suck milk from a cow’s udder.

Later Maa Manasa appeared in the dream of Jaminder and ordered him to build a temple in the jungle area. That was the first time a makeshift platform was built for Manasa puja.

Many devotees from distant villages started visiting this place and got their wishes fulfilled.

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You wouldn’t find heavy sculptures here or eye-catching arrangements, but the simplicity of the local environment and local people would surely make you fresh and mentally satisfied.

Every Saturday and Thursday, many people come here to offer puja. Come here in the morning time and enjoy the pilgrimage while walking. You can also come for worship in the evening. I have also gone to worship many times in the evening

Maa Manasa Mandir Madpur

Until then, I will keep exploring and discovering, one step at a time. Thank You!

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