Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar – Bengal Tourism

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Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar – Bengal Tourism

Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar – Bengal Tourism

Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar – Bengal Tourism: Ayodhya Pahar is a beautiful small mountain range in the Purulia district of West Bengal which is also a famous picnic spot for the locals. It is situated about 40 km from Purulia city and the same distance from Balrampur. If you are going from Jamshedpur then you can go via Balrampur, just take a right turn five km before Baghmundi.

Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar

The specialty of Ayodhya hill is that it has everything to spend a day at – dams, mountains, waterfalls, valleys, everything a nature lover needs. There is a dam at the foot of the mountain, and there is also a dam on the top which is known as the Upper and Lower Dams respectively.

Ayodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia


The distance of ten km between the two has to be done on the roads made in the mountains. Riding a bike on these paths is exactly the same experience as driving on the Himalayas, just their height is not like the Himalayas.

Before reaching the top of the mountain, a big dam is visible. The villagers have set up their own shops. In the rural areas of West Bengal, you will find one thing everywhere for breakfast in the morning: Mudhi (Puffed Rice) with Aluchap ( CUTLET). Well, I like it a lot too.

Ajodhya Hills Picnic Spot Purulia Pahar

There is also a waterfall near Ayodhya mountain, but for this, you have to climb another hill after coming down from the dam mountain, but the road leading to that side is very dusty. 

Nearby places to visit:

  • Pathar-Khadan: 96Kms – A Artificial lake in the middle of no-where, an absolutely quiet place, a must-visit for all
  • Bamni Falls: – 7kms – You need to walk down hilly steps through a forest to reach the bottom of the fall, a lifetime experience
  • Thurga Falls: – 9Kms – Similar to Bamni but a much smaller one
  • Chorida Village: Visit the people who make traditional ‘Chhou Dance’ Masks.
  • Murguma Dam: – a high dam with a good view
  • Pakhi Pahar (Murra Buru Hill):
  • Gorshabru, Mayur Hill: – Highest Pick of Ayodhya Hill
  • Mukutmanipur – 125 Kms
  • Bishnupur – 160 Km

How To Reach

If you are driving all through, from Durgapur to Ayodhya Hills, the route can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Durgapur to Bankura (Bardhaman Bankura Rd. SH-9) – Excellent road condition,
    Durgapur – Barjora – Beliator Forest – Fulberia – Beliator – Bhedua – Bikna – Mithila – Bankura
  • Bankura to Purulia – Excellent road condition,
    Dhaldanga – Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering – Pohabagan (Take right) –
    Dulalpur – Bishpuria (Take left to catch NH 60A) – Indpur, Nabin Pukur, Belut, Puncha, Lalpur –
    Hura – Gurda – Bauridih – Surulia – Namopara – Purulia
  • Purulia to Ayodhya Hills (Most part is in plain, last 1 hr uphill, road condition is mostly good)
    Purulia – Tamna – Jhunjka – Baghmundi – winding roads uphill – Ayodhya Hills

One can also reach Purulia by train/bus and hire a car from there to Ayodhya Hills. Daily buses ply from Purulia to the Govt. Guest House here in Ayodhya, which is also a famous option.

Where To Stay And Eat

The best and safest place to stay at Ayodhya Hills is the Niharika and Malabika Guest Houses under WBFDC. 
The guest houses are in great demand, hence you need to book rooms in advance. May-June-July is considered lean season and you will be offered a 20% discount for it. 

Food is simply basic here in Ayodhya Hills. There is no restaurant/food joint (not even for a cup of tea) outside the Guest House. The cook here needs your order at least half a day in advance. Rice, Roti, Chicken, Dal, vegetables, and Posto Vada are commonly available at a very good price. Carry some biscuits/wafers/chips as snacks with you as your emergency supply when hungry.

If you do not want to have water here, you must buy packaged water/mineral water from Purulia as there is no shop once you are on the hills. It is important to have your guide, as there is every chance that you will get lost on the hilly roads as there are no road signs anywhere and all hilly winds look the same. Most places are deserted and no one to ask for directions. 

I must say, in the end, that all your plans, hard work in arranging the tour, long drives, and difficult terrain, all will be worth it if you can finally do the trip. It’s beautiful, it’s new, it’s adventurous.

Thank you for So Many Directions.

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