Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach Road Trip To From Kharagpur

Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach

Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach Road Trip To From Kharagpur

Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach Road Trip To From Kharagpur: I went with my friend Sushil for the first time, I had some difficulty finding this beach, but you don’t need to worry I will guide you completely. It is always a great pleasure to drive early in the morning on the roads of Hijli forest away from Kharagpur.

  • Distance From Kharagpur to Baguran Jalpai Is Approx. 105 Km Via SH-5 Keshiari-Belda-Egra-Contai
  • Google Map: Baguran Jalpai Sea

Made for a perfect start to a perfect road trip with the first ray of the sun. We started our journey at 7:15 am and reached Contai at 10:00 am. We stopped for breakfast at Contai Central Bus Stand and then started our journey on our Honda Activa 125 towards the sun, sand, and Beach.

Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach is just 3 hours away from Kharagpur. After reaching Contai, we took Junput Sea Dike Road. We reached the village by some rough roads. Even after our breakfast stop and a few more stops in between, we reached the small and lonesome village of Baguran by 11 am.

Baguran Jalpai is Vague. Like any other day, it looks just like any rural area in Bengal. However, the main attraction of this place is its Virgin Sea Beach. Before heading to the beach, we saw Sagar Niralay Resort, the only resort in Baguran Jalpai. The resort spread over a large area has a relaxing ambiance. There are cottages, tents, and rooms for living.

After the long drive, I was desperate to see the beach. Potential wind, the sound of the waves, and much more. So, I was excited to see the beach. This is the feeling when one gets to see the ocean after a long time. I could smell the salty air and probably hear the roaring waves (though it sounded a bit improbable. Perhaps, the sound of the waves was my imagination!

Sea Shore(Baguran Jalpai)

I have often heard that a day at the beach restores the soul. And that’s what Baguran Jalpai did to us. We lazily descended through the muddy roads, and we reached Baguran Jalpai Beach. There were a handful of shops that made us realize we were close to the beach.

Soon we saw a vast expanse of sandy beach and the waves crashing in the distance. The whole place was calm and serene. Very few people were seen on the beach.

The beach was surrounded by a casuarina forest, just like other beaches in Bengal. This time also we did what we do every time. We lazily walked on the beach.

We saw fishermen with nets spread on the beach. They kept cleaning the nets and kept them on the beach for the next day’s fishing trip.

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Red Crabs On The Beach

In the land of red crabs, we saw red crabs. Hundreds of them were on the shore. It seemed that a part of the beach was completely painted red. Curiously, we came very close to seeing the red crabs, but they were running fast and going inside the holes on the beach.

It was a lovely sight to see so many crabs on the beach. This was another beach where we saw so many crabs in one place.

Well, we have spent an excellent time at Baguran Jalpai. This was one of the rare occasions where we only used to relax. Usually, during a visit, I always become a restless individual, who tries to find places to go and plan activities to do.

But this weekend’s getaway was completely different. Perhaps, a lazy vacation is required once in a while! Baguran Jalpai is charming. The whole trip left a satisfying memory for us.

We visited Baguran in January this year, just a couple of days before the second wave of covid-19. Baguran Japlai may be a good getaway from Kharagpur.

How to reach Baguran Jalpai?

  • Baguran Jalpai is about 105 km from Kharagpur and is 3 hour drive. If you are going there by car, you must first reach the contai. From Contai, Baguran is about 15 km away. From Contai, take Junput Sea Dike Road to reach Baguran Jalpai Sea beach.
  • If you are taking a Train or Bus from Kharagpur, get down at Contai station and then take a shared trekker to Baguran Jalpai.

Where to stay in Baguran Jalpai?

Sagar Niralay Resort is the only resort in Baguran Jalpai. The resort is spread over a large area and is a pleasant place to stay.

What is the best time to visit Baguran Jalpai Sea Beach?

You can visit here at any time of the year. However, the best time would be between October to February when the temperature remains cool.

Nearby attractions of Baguran Jalpai:

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