Digha Tourism The Land Of Beautiful Temples And Sea Beaches

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Digha Tourism The Land Of Beautiful Temples And Sea Beaches

Digha Tourism The Land Of Beautiful Temples And Sea Beaches: There is a sea on three sides of nature, so there is no shortage of beaches here in West Bengal. Whenever there is time, the heart desires, to go to a new place.

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 110 Km Via SH 5, Chennai – Kolkata Hwy and Jaleswar-Chandaneswar Rd
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 185km Via NH16 and NH 116B
  • Google Map: Digha

Such a beautiful and attractive place where every experience from seeing to staying, is something new. So in search of this new one took to a sea area of West Bengal which is known as ‘Digha‘.

Digha direction:

Digha is 185 km from Kolkata. It has now become one of the most popular beaches in West Bengal. Earlier it was known as ‘Birkul’.

This tourist destination was discovered by the British in the 18th century. In a letter to his wife, Warren Hastings called it the ‘Britain of the East’.

About Digha beach:

The beach of Digha is considered to be one of the most beautiful and wide beaches in the world. Its specialty is calm and slow waves. The height of the waves is not high, nor do they have much velocity.

That’s why even those people who are afraid of the waves enjoy a sea bath fearlessly.

What is the best time to visit Digha?

Digha is divided into two parts. The old area is known as ‘Old Digha’. There are traditional hotels and markets here. The main bus stand is also here.

In the evening, there is a big market here and there is a lot of fun. After going inside about half a kilometer from the main road, you will get to the sea beach.

The beach is very beautiful and spacious. Due to the saltiness of the sea, it is a different pleasure to sit on the big stones lying on the banks with innumerable holes and look at the sea.

But the beach here has now been declared dangerous and the old Digha beach has been closed for bathing. From here you can only see the sea. There are many food and drink shops on the shore.

New Digha sea beach:

About one and a half-two kilometers away from this ‘New Digha’ is situated at one of the best seaside amusement Parks “Dheusagar Park“. The beach here has been renovated and opened for tourists.

Due to this, the traffic has increased here. New Digha has one of the best hotels with rooms of every range available. Those who do not like the food of the hotel, they give their purchased food items to the owner of the small hotel built on every street corner and they cook food in front of them at a nominal cost.

Why is Digha famous for:

The beach of Digha is the biggest attraction here. Everything from baths to food and drink is available here. If the children want to roam, then strong horses take them for a ‘beach’ walk. Boats are available if you wish to take a sea tour. After taking you for about half an hour, the boat will drop you back on the shore.

Apart from this, the Science Center here is also worth seeing, where things related to science make you thrilled. There are also science-related games in the park built here, which children play with great pleasure. A part of this park is developed under the name ‘Jurassic Park. Coming here you reach the dinosaur era. It also has the largest marine aquarium in Asia.

The specialty of Digha is that the most visible places here are within a range of about 12-14 km. If you want, you can watch them even for a day.

For excursions, local buses, taxis, and three-wheelers, besides handcart-style rickshaws are also available. In these rickshaws, 5-6 people can travel together. The temples of Digha are very beautiful. Just a short distance away is the great glory of the Chandaneshwar temple. Lankeshwari Temple is situated at a distance of 14 km from here. If you want to go a little further, then 45 km away is the Kapalkundala temple.

A little away from Digha there is another beach that is very open and gorgeous. For this reason, a lot of Bangla films are shot here. The local people call it ‘Udaipur’. Cashew trees are in abundance here, which gives it the appearance of a lovely little forest.

Apart from this, there is a long chain of palm trees on the coast which gives it grandeur. Here tourists will also find people enjoying a bike ride on the sandy beach. Small sand dunes are also an attraction here.

If you want to see fish, then there is a place called ‘Mohana’. There is a market for marine fish. Big ships bring fish here, which are taken away by the fish merchants.

Apart from big and big fish, you will get to see hundreds of small fish here.

What are the things to do in Digha:

Digha cashews are very good and fresh. Apart from this, there is a lot of oyster stuff. Oyster jewelry is very famous, so the idols of God made from them will entice you.

Wall hangings and other items made of jute are also very much liked by the tourists and yes do not forget to drink the coconut water here. Perhaps such good coconut water will not be available in the whole of India at such a low price.

How to reach:

Buses run from Kolkata to Digha every fifteen to twenty minutes in the early morning. These buses reach Digha in four to five hours. They can be caught from Shaheed Minar.

There are two daily trains from Howrah to Digha. Howrah is connected by rail all over India. Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport is the nearest airport from where you can get down and reach Digha by train or road.

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