Kashone Khasmahal Kalimpong Bengal Tourism 2024

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Kashone Khasmahal Kalimpong Bengal Tourism 2024

Kashone Khasmahal Kalimpong Bengal Tourism 2024

Kashone Khasmahal: Kashone Khasmahal village, is located in the Kalimpong II subdivision of Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. It is a picturesque gem that offers an aura of timeless charm. Located just 13 kilometers away from the sub-district headquarters of Algarha, this quaint village finds its administrative center in the historic district of Darjeeling.

  • The Distance From Kalimpong Is Approx. 30Km Via NH717A
  • The Distance From New Jalpaiguri Railway Station Is Approx. 95Km Via NH10
  • Google Map: Kashone Khasmahal

Its natural beauty and cultural richness make it a quintessential representation of the heritage and spirit of the region.

Here, amidst lush green slopes, traditional bamboo huts are beautifully nestled into the side of the mountains, offering a retreat where the grandeur of nature takes center stage. As you gaze out over the breathtaking panorama, you will witness nature’s awe-inspiring craftsmanship, each brush of color painting the sky with unparalleled beauty.

In this eternal sanctuary, the majestic sun casts its golden glow on the snow-clad peaks, enhancing their ethereal beauty. Here, amidst the serene surroundings, one feels as if time itself stands untouched by the constant pace of progress.

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