Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

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Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

Bamni Falls Ayodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism: This is one of the best beauties of Ajodhya Hills. If you are coming from Bagmundi, this waterfall is on its way to the top of Ajodhya Hill. It comes near Baria village.

You have to walk about 500 meters down the hill to reach the falls. It has stairs. Before it was not concreted but now it is all staired. Now almost all of it is made of concrete stairs. While going down these stairs, you will see a beautiful view of nature. The path takes you through lush green bushes while descending to the waterfall, a unique experience like trekking in the jungle.

The water coming down from the mountaintop splits it into two separate streams. There are big rocks, one can sit on them and take pictures but you need to be very careful as the rocks are often slippery.

Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

  • Distance From Bankura Bus Stand Is Approx. 129Km Via NH-314.
  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 217Km Via NH49 and NH18.
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 296km Via NH-314.
  • Google Map: Bamni Falls – Purulia

Beauty Of Bamni Falls – Purulia

As you get closer to the falls, you will hear the sound of water flowing and cracking on the rocks. When you reach the bottom of the waterfall you will see the water flowing from the top of the mountain before you. At the bottom of the waterfall, the flow of water is slow and flows through huge rocks.

Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

Bamni Falls in Purulia is famous among tourists for its beauty. The panoramic view of the falls will mesmerize you. The sound of water will thrill you. The ancient natural beauty of the place is so attractive that you will surely come here again and again.

Bamni Falls Ajodhya Hills Purulia Bengal Tourism

How To Reach

Bankura to Purulia – Excellent road condition,
Dhaldanga – Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering – Pohabagan (Take right) –
Dulalpur – Bishpuria (Take left to catch NH 60A) – Indpur, Nabin Pukur, Belut, Puncha, Lalpur –
Hura – Gurda – Bauridih – Surulia – Namopara – Purulia

Purulia to Ajodhya Hills (Most part is in plain, last 1 hr uphill, road condition is mostly good)
Purulia – Tamna – Jhunjka – Baghmundi – winding roads uphill – Ajodhya Hills

Nearby places to visit:

  • Pathar-Khadan: – 96Kms – A artificial lake in the middle of no-where, an absolutely quiet place, a must-visit for all
  • Ajodhya Upper and Lower Dam: – 7kms – You need to go up through a forest to reach the top of the dam, a lifetime experience
  • Thurga Falls: – 9Kms – Similar to Bamni but a much smaller one
  • Chorida Village: – Visit the people who make traditional ‘Chhou Dance’ Masks.
  • Murguma Dam: – a high dam with a good view
  • Pakhi Pahar (Murra Buru Hill): –
  • Gorshabru, Mayur Hill: – Highest Pick of Ayodhaya Hill
  • Mukutmanipur – 125 Kms
  • Bishnupur – 160 Kms

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