Solar Eclipse October 2023 date, timing in India

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Solar Eclipse October 2023

Solar Eclipse October 2023 Date and Time in India Live Updates: The second solar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place today on 14 October. The first solar eclipse of the year occurred on 20 April. Now the second solar eclipse of the year is going to occur on October 14. This eclipse is going to be very auspicious for some zodiac signs. This solar eclipse will not be visible in India. This eclipse will be visible in Western Africa, North America, South America, the Atlantic, and the Arctic.

NASA says that viewing the solar eclipse without eye protection can cause permanent damage to the eyes which can even lead to blindness. Therefore, to view a solar eclipse, appropriate filters such as black polymer, aluminized mylar, or welding glass of shade number 14 can be used. Apart from this, you can easily watch the solar eclipse by projecting the image of the Sun on a whiteboard through a telescope.

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