5 Reasons Why Indian Pariah Dog Makes A Great Pet

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5 Reasons Why Indian Pariah Dog Makes A Great Pet

5 Reasons Why Indian Pariah Dog Makes A Great Pet: I have been seeing Pariah dogs in my house since childhood. This is really amazing and in my 20 years of experience, I would say that if you want to adopt a dog then do the Indian Pariah dogs. They are the smartest, hardest, and least-maintenance pets you could get.

With the right diet, these dogs do not smell at all, unlike several pedigreed ones that have a distinct dog smell and the homes too. Indian Pariah Dogs are pure dog breeds of India.

Those looking to adopt a guard dog that can as a loyal canine friend consider breeds such as the German Shepherd, Boxer, Great Dane, and Doberman, but why not go for a dog breed that is a native Indian Pariah Dog, also known as the Pye-Dog or InDog, it can be a perfect pet with all the features.

A National Geographic Channel film titled ‘Search for the First Dog’ was based on the early dog breeds in the world such as the Indian pariah, the Australian dingo, and the Canaan dog of Israel.

The short but well-researched film rightly states that Indian pariah dogs are one of the ancient dog breeds still found today whose pure bloodline has not been contaminated for more than 15000 years.

Training and Socialization: The Indian Pariah Dog is very energetic, intelligent, and a quick learner. You can train them easily but the trick here too is to start early. It is important for the dog that he thinks of you as his pack leader. This breed has a tendency to be dominant or stubborn, but these traits can be easily combated with early training.

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This native dog breed is also known as Desi Dog, Desi Kutta, Indian Wild Dog, Indian Pariah Dog, Indian Pye Dog as well as the South Asian Pariah Dog. The most common dog breed found in India, they got their name during the pre-independence British period.

‘Pariah’ means an outcast – could not have been a more inappropriate derision – unlike all other unfamiliar breeds, these dogs are native to the Indian subcontinent and make an excellent pet or guard dog.

5 Reasons Why Indian Pariah Dog Makes A Great Pet:

  • Stray dogs can be easily trained
  • The Indian Pariah dog is an all-rounder for Indian conditions – from temperature to temperament to training.
  •  Indian pariah dogs need minimal grooming.
  • Indian street dogs (Indian pariah dogs) are extremely alert and social.
  • Indian pariah dogs have incredible Immunity


Breeding Season:

Their mating season is between the months of August to January and pariahs usually mate once a year.

There are so many positive traits in these dogs that make them the new potential pet on the block! Often overlooked as a potential pets, these dogs have been in existence for over 15,000 years. They are clever, playful, loyal, and excellent watchdogs. They eat in small quantities and their upbringing is simple. So why not fill our households with all the love and much more this breed has to offer.

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