Travelling With Pets – Special Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

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Travelling With Pets - Special Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Travelling With Pets – Special Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Travelling With Pets – Special Tips for the Perfect Road Trip: You must have made trip plans many times alone, but this time plan a trip with your pet and get ready for a different experience.

Having a pet animal in the house keeps the mind of all the family members entertained. Especially if you live in a nuclear family with not many people in the place, having a pet animal keeps the house bright.

The problem comes when there is a trip plan with the family but your pet is not a part of that trip. More than the problem, the worry starts bothering who will take care of the pet animal after going on a trip.

Don’t even feel like leaving in pet care. In such a situation, either the trip gets canceled or one has to leave the pet in someone’s trust. In both situations the mind becomes depressed.

But if you want, you can take your lovely pet with you on the trip. But before doing this you have to take care of some things.

Mode of Travel

There is a difference between traveling with a pet and traveling alone. You can choose any mode to travel alone, but before traveling with a pet, the medium you are choosing, whether it has pets allowed or not. Know this in advance.

By the airway, if you are traveling by flight, then Jet Airways, Air India, Spice Jet, and Vistara are some such flight services in which pets can also be taken along.

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But it has separate charges and some conditions have to be followed. Like you cannot take sick and pregnant pets on flights. Also, your pet should not be more than 8 weeks old.

The weight of the pet should also be less than 5 kg. Apart from flights, pets can also be taken by train. For this, you have to take a first-class reservation on the train, it has 4 seats. The good thing is that in this you will have to pay less fare for the pet as compared to the plane.

Traveling By Car

Travel with pets can also be done by car. But for this, some special things have to be taken care of. Before traveling by car, make complete arrangements for the pet to sit.

Try to make the pet sit on the front seat and must buy an animal special seat belt. Tie the pet to it so that it does not fall from the seat while the car is moving. If the journey is long, stop the car once in a while and walk. Always keep the car window open to avoid suffocation.

Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Pet is not accommodated in all hotels. That’s why you should book a hotel in advance in which you can keep your pet with you.

Obviously, your Pet will take time to adjust to the new place. So don’t worry. Prepare separate bedding for the pet so that it too can rest comfortably.

Consult a Doctor Before Leaving

Be sure to consult a veterinarian once before leaving for a trip. Only the doctor will be able to tell you how to take care of your pet during the trip. If the pet has any kind of health issue and is on medication, do not forget to carry it during the trip.

Separate Bag For Pet

Keep pet items separate from your belongings. So that you can easily get his stuff when needed.

Just like you keep different things for yourself on the trip, keep your pet’s clothes and accessories in the same way. If your pet has a favourite toy, then keep that too in its bag.

Take Care of Food

The food you give to the pet at home, obviously will not get the same pet food outside. That’s why to keep some readymade food items for pets. Along with this, try to provide what the pet likes during the trip. Do not feed anything to the pet that can cause its health to deteriorate.

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