OpenAI will bring a payment version of ChatGPT

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OpenAI will bring a payment version of ChatGPT

OpenAI will bring a payment version of ChatGPT, there will be no blackout window, will answer questions fast

OpenAI will bring a payment version of ChatGPT: OpenAI through its official handle has confirmed that it will soon bring the payment version of ChatGPT. Meanwhile, ChatGPT has shared a waiting list for the paid version of the professional chatbot.

This list has been spotted by TechCrunch. The paid version comes with all the features professionals have come to expect. It has no blackout windows and delivers fast responses without throttling. It can answer twice as many questions as compared to the previous version.

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To sign up for it, you have to fill out a Google form, answering a few questions. This form mostly revolves around its pricing. In such a situation, it is possible that ChatGPT will decide the price of its membership based on the response of the users.

OpenAI has also clarified that if you get selected for a professional chat, it will contact you to process the payment. The company says that at present there is no plan to make the premium version available to the general public.

The company also charges Dall-E

OpenAI has not yet given information about the cost of ChatGPT Professional and when it will be made available. The company’s other extremely popular product- Dall-E charges for additional credits after the very limited free amount is exhausted.


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