Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

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Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

Guam Island: Guam, with its untouched natural beauty, holds the distinction of being the place where the U.S.’s day begins, as it is the first piece of American land where the sunrise occurs every day. Famous for its stunning tropical landscapes, Guam attracts visitors with its charm, offering a paradise for road travellers full of new flavours, adventures, and discoveries waiting at every turn.

When travelling around Guam, one thing that will strike you is the Chamorro culture of the island, which is steeped in Spanish influence. You’ll find traces of it everywhere, from music, art, and architecture to bright, delicious food. Only 48 kilometers long and with a land mass more than 15 kilometers wide at any point, finding your way around Guam is not particularly difficult.

To make the most of your stay, follow this road trip itinerary that guides you through the entire island.

Ritidian Point

Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

For unparalleled natural splendour, travel along Guam Route 3A and find your way to Ritidian Point, a national wildlife refuge located at the northernmost tip of the island. Surrounded by picturesque views of lush jungle and boundless blue ocean, the serene majesty of nature echoes in the waves crashing against the shores of Guam’s remote shore.

This refuge offers a variety of attractions, including hiking trails, cave exploration, a pristine white sand beach, a nature centre, and newly opened ancient village ruins. Accessible only on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, this retreat awaits eager adventurers looking to immerse themselves in the untouched splendour of Guam.

Tumon Bay

Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

Most travellers spend their time on Tamuning island located on Tumon Bay, or the neighboring Alapung Beach. Both locations are easily accessible via a short drive from the airport along Route 10A and South Marine Corps Drive.

  • Distance From Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport Is Approx. 4km Via Route 10A and Pale San Vitores Rd/Route 14
  • Google Map: Tumon Bay

This coastal area is famous for its water sports organizations that offer exciting activities like parasailing, banana boat rides, snorkeling trips, dolphin encounters, and much more. Additionally, many dive companies cater to SCUBA enthusiasts, and offer experiences that cater to travellers of all levels of expertise.

Guam’s proximity to the Mariana Trench, one of the deepest places on Earth, makes it a must-see destination for certified divers looking for unique underwater adventures. Two artificial reefs pay homage to the island’s military history while serving as captivating attractions for underwater explorers.

These reefs include a German battleship from World War I and a Japanese cargo ship from World War II, offering divers unforgettable glimpses of globally significant historical relics.

Inarajan Natural Pool

Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

For an authentic Guamanian experience, starting at Ritidian Point, embark on a leisurely drive along a winding 55-kilometer route that stretches to the center of the island. Follow Guam Route 4 toward the southeast area, where you will encounter the picturesque Inarajan Natural Pool, located within a public park.

This natural pool, set against a backdrop of coral reefs, offers shallow saltwater bathing opportunities, making it an ideal place for both novice snorkelers and casual swimmers to get a close-up look at a diverse array of tropical fish.


Guam Island Trip Detailed Guide US Territory Micronesia

Exploring Guam would be incomplete without immersing yourself in its vibrant local culture, much of which flourishes in the capital city of Hagåtña, 30 kilometers on Route 4 from the natural pools. Located just south of Alapung and Tamuning/Tumon Bay, Hagåtña offers rich experiences galore within its quaint realm.

With a population of barely more than 1,000 inhabitants, this charming city attracts curious visitors to attend year-round cultural presentations, museums, cathedrals, restaurants, and markets. Particularly noteworthy is the Guam Museum, which provides information on the island’s rich history.

Meanwhile, Hagåtña’s eateries and shops allow visitors to make personal connections with locals while enjoying handmade goods and delicious Chamorro cuisine. For an authentic local encounter, don’t miss the Chamorro village of Hagåtña on Wednesday evenings, when the town’s central market comes alive with the aromas of barbecue, the sounds of music, and a collective celebration of small business patronage that supports Guam’s artisans. Is. , craftsman, and entrepreneur.

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