Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

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Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

Extraterrestrial Highway:  Curious about the whereabouts of the Extraterrestrial Highway? Well, it lies in what many consider the epitome of foresight. Nevertheless, therein lies its charm as an iconic road trip destination. Departing the lively streets of Vegas, head north to Crystal Springs for about 1.75 hours.

Google Map: ET Nevada Highway

Although some intrepid travellers attempt to conquer it in a day, such a feat requires an adventurous spirit. Instead, we advocate a proper road trip experience, including an overnight stay in Rachel or Tonopah. This not only allows for rejuvenation but also gives ample time to explore the otherworldly landscapes en route to the ET Highway.

Nevada State Route 375

Have you ever harbored a secret longing for a close encounter of the third kind? Are you interested in the question of humanity’s cosmic solitude, or perhaps simply obsessed with The X-Files? Whatever your motivation for considering the existence of extraterrestrial life, the ultimate answer lies in direct exploration. And what better laboratory for such an investigation than Nevada’s famous extraterrestrial highway?

Also known as Nevada State Route 375, this 98-mile-long roadway has garnered such a high number of alleged UFO sightings that it has been officially dubbed the Extraterrestrial Highway by the state. Although the tour is sufficient for a day trip, we have taken the liberty of pointing out some additional extraterrestrial hotspots that may pique your interest during your visit to the area.

1. Lower Pahranagat Lake

If you’re looking for an otherworldly camping experience, look no further than Lower Pahranagat Lake Campground. Located in a remote and secluded corner of the state, it offers the ideal location for uninterrupted UFO-spotting and stargazing adventures.

2. Tikaboo Peak

For a unique UFO viewing experience, start by hiking to the summit of Tikaboo Peak – the only authorized vantage point to observe Area 51, located amidst the high mountains.

Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

The strenuous climb usually lasts about 2 hours, requiring adequate provisions such as water, flashlights, and essential gear.

3. Little A’Le’Inn

Little A’Le’Inn stands as a quintessential attraction during the trip. This eatery is a veritable temple to all things supernatural, adorned with kitsch that sets the stage for an out-of-this-world experience.

Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

Perusing the gift shop filled with UFO-themed merchandise, engaging the waitstaff brings forth stories of alien encounters on the street, encounters with the most eccentric conspiracy theorists, and, if luck favors, Viewing Area 51 gives insight into the optimal approach.

Indulge in culinary delights by indulging in the famous Alien Burger – an experience not to be missed.

4. Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark

Heading a little beyond the limits of the Extraterrestrial Highway, you’ll discover a remarkable space-themed treasure: Lunar Craters National Natural Landmark.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, this geological wonder was not formed by a UFO or even a meteorite impact. Rather, its origins lie in volcanic activity.

Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

However, its striking resemblance to the surface of the Moon earned it its celestial nickname. As you stand amidst the desolate desert landscape, it’s not hard to imagine homesick Martians stopping by this barren structure, finding solace in its familiar, otherworldly scenery.

5. Death Valley Inn

Conveniently located along Highway 95, the Death Valley Inn is a simple but comfortable motel just steps from downtown Beatty, Nevada. Located just a few minutes drive from the center of BT, this establishment proves to be an ideal base for exploration.

Located less than 10 miles from the famous Death Valley National Park, known for numerous supernatural phenomena such as the mysterious “Sailing Stones”, this inn provides a gateway to supernatural wonders.

Guests are invited to enjoy the amenities on offer, which include an attractive outdoor pool, a relaxing whirlpool, and convenient barbecue grills. Additionally, the on-site RV park ensures comfortable accommodations for all types of travellers.

6. Alien Research Center

Extraterrestrial Highway: Nevada Road Trip Las Vegas to Rachel or Tonopah

Upon reaching Hiko, Nevada, stop at the Alien Research Center – an establishment that leans more toward extraterrestrial-inspired memorabilia than rigorous scientific investigation.

Discover a treasure trove of UFO and alien-themed souvenirs, as well as explore the actual research area for a glimpse into the realm of speculative investigation. Before departing, be sure to immortalize your visit with a snapshot of the tall silver sentinel standing guard outside.

7. Area 51

Possibly the pièce de résistance of this unforgettable road trip is just a short distance up the road, Area 51, which serves as a pilgrimage site for UFO fans around the world.

However, a word of caution: trespassing on the grounds of this secret facility is strictly prohibited by law. Still, fear not, as there are hiking trails that offer panoramic views of this mysterious hotspot.

Among them, the route to the summit of Tikaboo Peak reigns as the preferred option, offering intrepid explorers a privileged glimpse of the secrets hidden within.

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