Top 7 Budget-Friendly Places to Visit Outside India 2024: Avg. Cost, How to Reach

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Budget-Friendly Places to Visit Outside India

Top 7 Budget-Friendly Places to Visit Outside India 2024: Avg. Cost, How to Reach

Budget-Friendly Places to Visit Outside India 2024: Imagine what you would do if you were a billionaire? You will probably buy your favourite sports car, travel to different places, shop for luxury brands, and maybe even invest in a small house in metro cities.

But let’s stay away from all this because neither you nor I are billionaires. However, let me tell you about seven countries where you can feel like a billionaire. If you ever visit any of these countries, you might feel like a billionaire, and here’s why:

7 Destinations That Make You Feel Like a Billionaire

The currency of our country has much more strength than the currencies of these countries.


The first country on the list is Indonesia. Indonesia is a place where you can find many heritage temples and amazing food at very affordable prices.

Travelling in this country is so pocket-friendly that you can bring home an amazing experience by spending little money. What I find amazing about Indonesia is the crystal clear waters of Bali.


After Indonesia is Vietnam. Imagine you’re in Vietnam, sitting in a luxury Airbnb, drinking coconut water inside your Jacuzzi. and you know what?

You can experience all this for around Rs 2000 per night. Vietnam is a place where you can have a great experience for very little money. And if you go to Vietnam, don’t forget to enjoy their traditional Vietnamese massage.


The next place is Cambodia. If you are someone who loves life at the beach, Cambodia is the right place for you. You can stay in a beachside bungalow here and it will cost you as much as you spend on a daily coffee in any other country.

The experience of staying in beach bungalows is incredibly relaxing, and if you visit Cambodia, be sure to visit Angkor Wat, a UNESCO heritage site.

Sri Lanka:

After Cambodia comes Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a place where every corner of the country tells a different story, and every rupee spent there goes a long way. Imagine waking up in your own eco-friendly guesthouse, breathing fresh air.

How amazing would that experience be? And if you are visiting Sri Lanka, make sure to take a trip inside their beautiful train, where you will get a chance to explore many places in the country. The best thing about Sri Lanka is the thrilling safari where you can see leopards, elephants, and many other natural habitats.


Then there is Kazakhstan. The special thing about Kazakhstan is its vast landscape. There are many amazing things you can do in Kazakhstan for very little Indian Rupees.

You can go on local road trips, taste local cuisine, and enjoy watching the stars in the Kazakhstan sky. And if you want an even more amazing experience, you can take a helicopter ride that will take you to the stunning landscapes of the country. If you are someone who enjoys adventure, then Kazakhstan is the place for you.


After these, the country that comes in sixth place is Laos. Laos, also known as the ‘Land of Millions of Elephants’, offers experiences such as exploring Asian temples and travelling along the Mekong River, all of which can be experienced at very affordable prices.

The best part is that there is so much value for your Indian rupees here that you can enjoy a great experience without spending much. Meaning, you can stay at a riverside resort by spending very little money. So if you are looking for a royal experience, Laos is the place for you.


Last but not least, the country which is in seventh position on the list is Myanmar. Myanmar is a country where you can experience colour, culture, and food. You can enjoy Burmese cuisine, and visit ancient temples, all at very affordable prices.

Here your Indian Rupees are so valuable that you can have an amazing experience without spending much. Meaning, that you can explore various Burmese cuisines and daily amenities, and visit many ancient temples without spending a fortune.

And if you travel to Myanmar, there is a town called Bagan where you can experience a hot air balloon ride. Believe me, everything is very cheap in Myanmar.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, take out some cash, and set out to make memories. And if you liked this article, don’t forget to like it. Thank You…

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