Lovers Meet View Point Peshok Teesta Valley Forest

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Lovers Meet View Point Peshok Teesta Valley Forest

Lovers Meet View Point Peshok Teesta Valley Forest

Lovers Meet View Point Peshok Teesta Valley Forest: Travelling from NJP to Takdah, we take a break at Peshoke View Point also called ‘Lovers Meet’ which gives a bird’s eye view of the confluence of rivers Teesta & Rangeet.

Lovers Meet View Point Peshok Teesta Valley Forest

The river coming from the left is Rangeet meeting Teesta which is coming straight down. On the left are the hills of Sikkim and on the right are the hills of Kalimpong. The large white sandy delta formation at the confluence is popular for rafting in the Teesta River. This confluence is also known as Triveni and there is a roadway that connects up to the point of the confluence.

  • Distance From New Jalpaiguri Is Approx. 61Km Via NH 10
  • Distance From Darjeeling Is Approx. 30Km Via Peshok Rd/Rishi Rd
  • Distance From Kalimpong Is Approx. 20Km Via Rishi Rd
  • Distance From Lava Is Approx. 51Km Via Rishi Rd
  • Google Map: Lovers Meet View Point

How To Reach the Confluence Point of Teesta River:

The Lovers Meet Viewpoint offers a stunning vantage point high above the confluence point. However, if you want to visit the actual confluence, you’ll need to travel downhill.

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Most tour operators and drivers include this visit as part of their full-day sightseeing tour, which typically encompasses 4 to  5 other attractions. The cost for a complete day trip usually ranges from INR 2500 to 3000.

You’ll also have the flexibility to choose from other captivating attractions such as Gumbadara Viewpoint, Peshok Tea Garden, Lamahatta Eco Park, Triveni Sangan, Bara Mangwa Orange Garden (seasonal), Tinchuley Monastery, Rangli Tea Garden, and more.

Lovers Meet View Point is an ideal low-budget weekend tourist spot that offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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