Kodopal Park Near Rameshwar Mandir Harekrishnapur Jhargram Tourism

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Kodopal Eco Park

Kodopal Park Near Rameshwar Mandir Harekrishnapur Jhargram Tourism

Kodopal Park Near Rameshwar Mandir Harekrishnapur Jhargram Tourism: Kodopal Eco Park, local name Majulir Char is situated under Rohini village panchayat of Sankrail block. This area is actually the delta between Dulung and Subarnarekha Rivers. Dulung, Subarnarekha, and Bansikhal have become integral in nature in this area.

Subarnarekha and Dulung:

Green chars between the confluence of these two rivers. There is an opportunity to spend the night in the cottage. Great experience to see the green beauty all around from the top of the minaret. With the touch of spring, this time in Jhargram, the hand of ‘Sabujdwip’ is for tourists.

This Kodopal area under Rohini Gram Panchayat in the Sankrail block of Jhargram district is actually a raised char between Dulung and Subarnarekha.

Before reaching Kodopal, one had to cross the Dulung and Subarnarekha by boat to reach Char. Now the wooden Fair Weather Bridge has been built. However, there is a risk that the wooden bridge will be washed away in the rainy season.

Therefore, steps are being taken to build a permanent bridge at the administrative level in the coming days. For now, tourists can book cottages in advance by contacting the Panchayat Samiti office. Sankrail BDO Mohammad Wasiullah said, “The project has been officially inaugurated. Tourists can stay here for a week. Cottages through self-help groups
Will be managed. ”

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

  1. Tapoban Valmiki Ashram
  2. Rameshwar Temple 

The fear of Maoists has fallen. Now the tourists are gathering crowds in different parts of Jhargram all year round. Kodopal Eco Park touristic spot is a unique name for leisure travel and mental peace. Traveling to Jhargram, Kodopal Eco Park tourist spot would be an obvious choice for travellers and nature lovers.

Kodopal Eco Park
There is a multi-purpose organic farming farm that has been set up under the initiative of Sankrail Panchayat Samiti and Block administration on 400 acres of land. Opportunities for employment for 250 or more indigenous families of the seven villages of this area are working and getting daily employment on the farm.

Sankrail block administration wants to show Kodopal as a tourist center for more employment. That’s why the proposals have been sent to the Tourism Departments and the Department of Development and Planning. Various fruit and flower gardens were newly added.

Kodopal Eco Park

There are 8 luxurious double bed cottages. The booking of this cottage will now be done through Panchayat Samity. These cottages have been made in a beautiful environment. Around 40 feet high watchtower to see the pleasant surroundings around the cottage, which can be used to capture the environment of the larger landscape.

A new place for winter and summer festivals is Kodopal’s Eco-friendly touristic spot. Kodopal Eco Park will definitely become one of the promising and beautiful tourist places if the communication system may be improved to some extent. It will become a beautiful tourist spot, so it can also be developed as a well-researched biodiversity center. There are various types of medicinal plants.

It is full of natural resources in this Jangalmahal area. There are plenty of natural resources that have medicinal value. Kodopal is a beautiful place for research. Kodopal has become known as one of Junglemahal’s most notable sighted places.

According to local sources, this delta of the Dulung and Subarnarekha rivers was naturally formed around a hundred years ago. The area covered in dense bushes is a Salacious place. In 2012 BDO of Sankrail sent a proposal to the district administration that the area has the opportunity to develop through various projects. After that, the whole land was divided into small plots by satellite mapping.

The Kodopal Charter is owned by the District Land Office. However, Sankrail Panchayat Samity has been responsible for implementing the project. The land was cleared by a hundred-day work project. Two hundred fifty families in the area are getting regular work on this agricultural farm.

Kodopal Fruit Garden

Varieties of four thousand species of fruit trees have been planted in different areas under the supervision of Bidhan Chandra Agricultural University, Horticulture Department, in consultation and collaboration with the experts of the Agriculture Department and the various concerned departments. There are Mango, Guava, Spigot, Gandharaj Lemon, Mousambi, Litchi, etc.

There are arrangements for shower irrigation. At this time, about 13.5 million Watermelons were produced in Kodopal during the summer season. In addition, various varieties of flowers are cultivated for the Dual Purpose. During this rainy season, tree plantation started on 50 hectares of land of Kodopal under the forest department, like Segun, Sishu, Mahul, Jhaw. So far. Rs. 5 crores have been spent in implementing the project in the allocation of different departments.

Kodopal is not only farming, they are moving towards creating an economic zone around them and to a great extent have succeeded. As a result, it has been possible to work for seven years in areas like Dhitpur, Harekrishnapur, Kusturia, and Masar-Salbani, for the improvement of indigenous-tribal families. There are more employment opportunities in a direct and indirect way when the nature tourism center is established and fully functional here. “Kodopal’s project has been entrusted to the care of ten indigenous young people. There are two types of employment opportunities happening here.

Firstly, locals are getting work for cutting and farming. On the other hand, those who do not have cropland, are leasing land for a season to pay a little amount for the season. Farmers are getting profits by selling agricultural products. The poor people nearby these projects are highly enthusiastic about the project. They are getting assured jobs from these projects.

Recently, the Chief Secretary of the state praised the project by visiting Kodopal Eco Park. BDO said that no chemical fertilizers are being applied on Kodopal’s land. Only organic fertilizers are being used. NABARD has been asked to set up a Bio Plant in the consumers’ homes to meet the demand for fertilizer. All kinds of cooperation is being done in the work of Kodopal on behalf of the Jhargram District Council.

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