Duarsini of Bandwan Purulia Offbeat Bengal Tourism

Duarsini of Bandwan Purulia Offbeat Bengal Tourism

Duarsini of Bandwan Purulia Offbeat Bengal Tourism: Tourists could not enter due to Maoists’ fear, this hidden gem of Purulia, surrounded by hills and forests, is returning to the rhythm.

Weekend trip to Purulia Along with picnics in the winter season, travelers are coming out from all over the state. After Maoists’ panic, Duarsini of Jangalmahal is returning to the normal rhythm again.

#Purulia: Winter season means the tourist rush in Purulia. There are various tourist spots scattered all over the Purulia district. One of them is Duarsini of Bandwan.

Duarsini of Bandwan Purulia Offbeat Bengal Tourism

Once upon a time, this area was empty of tourists due to fear of Maoists. Slowly, gradually, after overcoming the fear, the traffic of tourists started again in Duarsini. Many tourists are seen visiting Duarsini for picnics and sightseeing to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Many tourists from other districts have started coming here. Tourists have to face several problems due to the lack of tourism infrastructure. If the government takes any action in this regard, then tourists hope to visit Duarsini. Besides, their request to decorate Duarsini beautifully.

Once upon a time, tourists used to tremble when they heard Duarsini’s name. The heavy boots of the police could be heard almost at night. With the passage of time, today all those events have passed. The fear of Maoists is over in Duarsini of Jangalmahal. Tourists are looking forward to the infrastructural development in Duarsini this time.

Duarsini of Bandwan Purulia Offbeat Bengal Tourism

Note that Duarsini was a special attraction of South Bengal. There were a few small cottages for the travelers on the hill. Apart from this, the mountains and the forest surrounding the hills attracted wanderlust. During the unrest in the state, all those cottages were demolished and burnt by the Maoists. This Duarsini was a tourist attraction for a long time. After the change of power in the state, peace gradually returned to the area. The movement of tourists has started again.


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