Lava Tourist Spot in Kalimpong West Bengal

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Lava Tourist Spot in Kalimpong West Bengal

Lava Tourist Spot in Kalimpong West Bengal

Lava Tourist Spot: Lava village is predominantly rural, with agriculture being the primary occupation. Lava is situated at a height of 7200 feet and offers a visible and accessible connection to the towns of Sikkim. Lava experiences snowfall during winter and temperatures can sometimes plummet below zero.

Lava offers an ideal sanctuary for those in search of serenity and natural beauty. The optimal time to visit Lava spans from October to April, when the weather is crisp, making it perfect for sightseeing, trekking, and exploring the village.

What To See In Lava

1. Lava View Point

Lava Tourist Spot in Kalimpong West Bengal

The lava viewpoint is situated 3km from Rishop and 2km from Lava Monastery. From this vantage point, one can enjoy a pristine view of Mount Kanchenjunga. Additionally, Lava serves as a gateway to the Neora Valley National Park, sharing its border with Sikkim.

2. Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery (Lava Monastery)

Lava Tourist Spot in Kalimpong West Bengal

Located just 500 meters from Lava Jeep Stand, Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery, also known as Lava Monastery, is a Buddhist monastery nestled in the scenic Himalayan village of Lava, West Bengal. It is a must-visit destination in Lava.

Established in 1987 by the third Kongtrul Rinpoche, Karma Lodro Chokyi Senge, the monastery was a gift from the local Buddhist community, who generously provided three acres of land. Initially, it housed only a small group of monks, but over time, the community grew, and today, it is home to over 110 monks. The current fourth Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche is now studying and training here. Visitors can observe the monks engrossed in the intensive study of Buddhist texts and meditation.

Designed in the traditional Tibetan architectural style, the monastery features multiple prayer halls, spacious lawns, seating areas, and an imposing Buddha statue. The site offers breathtaking views of the mountains, providing glimpses of Aritar in Sikkim and the Jelep La pass. Adjacent to the main entrance, you’ll find a bustling market area with hotels, dining options, and shops offering clothing and souvenirs.

Opening Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM

3. Neora National Park

Established in 1986, this national park is renowned for its abundant biodiversity. Encompassing an area of 88 square kilometers, it provides a habitat for numerous bird species such as the Golden-Headed Black Finch, Minivets, Cuckoos, and Parakeets, as well as a variety of animals including the Black Bear, Pangolin, Clouded Leopard, and Himalayan Tahr.

How To Reach Lava Tourist Spot

To reach Lava, you can take different routes depending on your starting location from Kolkata it’s roughly 672 kilometers via NH 12. You have the option to travel by air, road, or train, providing convenient access. Below, we’ve outlined the most recommended travel modes and routes for your convenience.

  • From New Jalpaiguri 106 Km
  • From Darjeeling 85 Km
  • From Kharagpur 745 Km

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