Haldia Township Centenary Park – Haldia River Side Park

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Haldia Township Centenary Park - Haldia River Side Park

Haldia Township is located in Haldia. 55 km From Mecheda. You Can Take the Bus from Mecheda. Nice Scenic Beauty Riverside park. A better place for Family and friends for a small trip. I don’t know how the township is for living as I’m here in Haldia for somedays and went to riverbank which is situated in the township and it is an amazing place with serene surrounding, cool breeze, and beautiful environment.

If you’re new in the city you should know how to reach there or else toto drivers will swindle you.
The best way to reach the township is by bus, the service is frequent and cheap and available from Rani chowk at any time, probably at night time the frequency is a little less but it’s ok and to reach Rani chowk you need a toto and it is like 5 or 10 RS per person.

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Good and a well-maintained park, it is very clean and rides are also available for children. It is just next to the Haldia bus stop in Mohana market, a nice place to spend some quality time, relaxing, and meditation. 

Haldia Township Centenary Park - Haldia River Side Park

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