Doladanga Backpackers Camp Izifiso Purulia – Bengal Tourism

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Doladanga Backpackers Camp Izifiso Purulia – Bengal Tourism

Doladanga Backpackers Camp Izifiso Purulia – Bengal Tourism: Doladanga is a small tribal village situated near Kangsabati Lake, Beside Sonajhuri Forest in the rural regions of the Purulia district in West Bengal. Mukutmanipur Dam is just 10 KM away from it. Doladanga Backpackers’ Camp is an awesome place as a weekend gateway if the weather is good.

  • Distance From IIT Kharagpur Is Approx. 177Km Via SH 5 and NH 116B Lodhasuli-Binpur-Raipur-Manbazar
  • GOOGLE MAP: Doladanga Backpacker’s Camp

How To Reach:-

  • Drive from NH49SH 5Simlapal- Bikrampur-Pilorgari More- Raipur- Fullkushma- Motgoda- Silda Rd and NH 116B to Manbazar.
  • Take Deer Park Rd/Namopara Rd and Dear Park Safari Rd to your destination in Jamda.

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About Doladanga

In winter it will be perfect but in March you can only enjoy it if there is some rain. There is no fan inside the tents so it will horrible to sleep at night if the weather isn’t pleasant. Surrounded by dense jungles of Sononajhuri, Eucalyptus, and other trees, Doladanga has only 40 members, of the Mudikora tribe. Their livelihood is primarily farming and fishing. You get a chance to experience the simple life of this place, participate in their songs and dances, or travel long distances through the jungle.

About Backpackers Camp

For Rs.1300/-, you’ll be getting 4 times food and stay. Lunch and dinner were good enough. In the evening if you order some chicken (extra cost) then they will arrange it with prior notice. Be cautious about this as they will give one large plate of chicken (Sal Chicken) and claim it as 1 kg chicken.

The tent was clean to stay in. They’ve 3 shared washrooms and those were not fully cleaned. When nearly 40 people use them, they need to be cleaned a few times a day and that was missing. They do not have any backup power options except for 2 solar lights on the ground. Yes, it village is so please don’t complain about all these kinds of stuff.


Lunch – Rice, Dal, Begun Bhaja, Mixed Veg, Fish Curry, Chutney.
Snacks – Puffed Rice, Veg Pakoda.
Dinner – Rice/Roti, Chicken Curry.
Breakfast – Poori/Muri, Ghoogni, Boiled Egg.

If the day is pleasant, you will enjoy yourself a lot at this place

this place is totally a perfect weekend destination. It’s well connected by road. Also if you are coming by train we need to get down to Bankura station, from there you need to come to Manbazar. Where ever you look from the camp it is just green and green. So pack your bags and set for Doladanga. You will be refreshed totally.

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