Joychandi Pahar Purulia Bengal Tourism

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Joychandi Pahar Purulia Bengal Tourism

Joychandi Pahar Purulia – It’s really amazing to think that West Bengal is the only state in India where nature has provided everything. Bengal has a sea, the Himalayas, plateaus, dense forests, and rivers. Apart from the desert, all kinds of natural features are arranged in Bengal’s environment and there is an ancient colorful history. This is spread all over Bengal. Stuff to fill the eyes and satisfy the hunger of the mind. Which escapes from our house.

  • Distance From Bankura Bus Stand Is Approx. 60Km Via Kashipur – Chatna Rd.
  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 200Km Via NH14
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 251km Via NH-19
  • Distance From Tatanagar(Jamshedpur) Is Approx. 131km Via SH-5
  • Google Map:  Joychandi Pahar Purulia

Legendary director Satyajit Ray’s movie ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’. Remember in this movie Udayan Pandit hide in a mountain cave during the persecution of Hirak Raja That mountain cave is this Joychandi Pahar. Joychandi Pahar is a natural and religious tourist spot located in the Raghunathpur-1 block of the Raghunathpur subdivision of the Purulia district of West Bengal. Located just 2 km from Raghunathpur town and just 4 km from Adra town, this hill geographically belongs to the Chotanagpur plateau.

Joy Chandi Pahar Purulia

Chandi Mata Temple is located on top of Joychandi Pahar. This hill is probably named after Goddess Chandi Mata. Joychandi is not a single hill but a cluster of 4 hills located side by side in a crescent shape. Each hill has its own name — Yogidhal, Ramsita, Joychandi, Sizano. Next to it is another hill, Kali Pahar. The whole area has a landscape of huge boulder rocks. The slope of Joychandi Pahar is very steep similar to Samibrukhya Hill in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. There is also a mountaineering training centre. Joychandi Pahar or Jaichandi Hill has an average height of 155 meters (509 ft). According to local residents, robbers used to use this route many years ago.

Chandi Mata Temple is one of the main attractions here. After climbing more than 500 steps or stairs on the hill, you will reach the temple at the top of the hill. While going up the stairs, you can buy puja items, water, and many things from local residents’ shops. There is a watch tower on top of the hill. It is heard that the soldiers of the King of Kashipur kept watching from here for a long distance. Climbing the mountain without the stairs is difficult enough. But that pain will disappear in an instant when you look down from the top of the hill and look around.

Aha! What a wonderful sight. All around is green wilderness, busy city life on one side, and hilly rural life on the other.

There is a park for the little kids at the foot of Joychandi Pahar. There is adequate accommodation you will not face any problems. Like any tourist spot in Purulia, the ideal time to visit Joychandi Pahar is during winter (December to February). Temperatures in these areas exceed 40°C during summer, which is not favorable for tourists.

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Every year from 28th December to 1st January, Jayachandi Pahar Tourism Festival and Fair are held at that time, and many people gathered from all around. 

How to get here?

First, reach Adra or Raghunathpur by road. Joychandi Pahar is a few km away from Adra station or Joychandi Pahar Station which is 1.5 km from the Pahar. From there toto or auto reach Jaychandi Hills. It is better to say that after 5 pm/evening no one is allowed to climb the hill.

Joy Chandi Pahar Purulia

At present, the beauty of the mountains is being lost due to the inconsiderate actions of some people. Pollution is also increasing. There are various insects, birds, and poisonous snakes here. Biodiversity is decreasing due to the negative impact on nature. More awareness and government initiatives are desirable in this regard. But not only Joychandi Pahar but there are also many unknown tourist spots spread across the Rupasi Purulia district. Purulia’s nature has a distinct charm.

A fair held at the foot of the hill every year after Christmas often becomes a tourist attraction and also inspires local artists. This fair provides all the local artists to showcase their skills.

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Joychandi Pahar is a good option for trekking and many trekkers can be seen here. Visiting this place does not mean you have to go trekking. There are 480 steps to climb the mountain. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the places below and the city of Raghunathpur. Especially in spring, here the colors of nature burst forth. It seems that nature has poured out all its colors. Fills the mind of tourists with peace and joy.
Joychandi Pahar” in Raghunathpur of Purulia district is a great place for hikers, rock climbers, picnic parties, and filmmakers.

Where will you stay?

There are hotels of different quality and price ranges near Jaichandi Hill or Joychandi Pahar but the best place to stay at a low cost is the youth hostel at the bottom of Jaichandi Hill, with non-AC room starting from Rs.450* to a maximum of Rs.1700* including AC-VVIP room. Booking is done online – or direct from Moulali Youth Centre, Kolkata, 142/3, AJC Bose Road, Moulali, Kolkata – 700014, Phone – 0332265323.


Joy Chandi Pahar Purulia

Placed at a distance of 2 km from Joychandi Pahar Railway Station, Joy Chandi Hill Resort is a value-for-money accommodation in Purulia, offering a decent stay to its guests. The Joychandi Pahar is a known tourist spot and landmark, situated 0.1 km away from the premises. This property comprises a total of 5 rooms.

The rooms are equipped with requisites such as a room heater, wardrobe/closet, tea/coffee maker, sofa, balcony, TV, wake-up service, and bathroom with geyser and free toiletries. Joy Chandi Hill Resort features a garden and parking area. Additionally, conveniences such as room service, medical aid, luggage storage, a 24-hour power backup facility, and 24-hour security are also provided.

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