Heart Of Stone Review – Aliya’s acting is no longer impactful

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Heart Of Stone Review

Heart Of Stone Review – Aliya’s acting is no longer impactful

Heart Of Stone Review – Aliya’s acting is no longer impactful: Cinema is such a habit that once it is ingrained, it is very difficult to get rid of it. While watching ‘OMG 2’ on Thursday night and then ‘Gadar 2’ this morning, Alia Bhatt was seen at least six times before the start of the film and then during the interval. These days, she has become the brand ambassador of an effective indigenous toothpaste, explaining the strengthening of the gums by biting an apple.

She is getting applause for the film ‘Rocky and Rani Ki Prem Kahani’. Karan Johar has already got the money to make the film, but the real account book is in trouble for those people whose money is involved in this film. Who knows, after 10 years, Karan Johar will also ‘reveal’ like Anurag Kashyap that his film was also a loss deal for Viacom 18 like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’.

Well, we were talking about Alia Bhatt. And, for a long time, I wanted to see Alia Bhatt’s first Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’ as soon as it releases. However, the reason was not her but Gal Gadot, who has been tempted as Wonder Woman for a long time. By the way, it is said that her name is in Hebrew language and its correct pronunciation should be Gal Gado.

Gal Gadot’s Rapid Flame

Gal Gadot’s previous film ‘Red Notice’ was released on Netflix itself. From that film to this film she was ‘Shaizem! Fury of the Gods’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Fast Ten’. ‘Heart of Stone’ is his last performance of the year. And rightly so. Now at least in their affair, there will be no excuse to watch another Hollywood movie on Netflix.

Those who know Gal Gadot know that she is from Israel. Has given services considered mandatory in the army there. India’s Tanushree Dutta was number nine in the 2004 Miss Universe contest, in which her name did not even make it to the top 10 list. But the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise changed her life and by becoming ‘Wonder Woman’, she became the favorite actress of millions of fans across the globe. How long her journey in DC Comics films will be is indicated by the fact that she is now making a lot of OTT films keeping herself at the center stage.

Story of the movie Dazed Cartridge

Considering the kind of roles stars like Dhanush, Priyanka Chopra, and Anil Kapoor get in Hollywood movies, I was not expecting Alia Bhatt to do any shocking role in ‘Heart of Stone’ anyway, but I did. The Gal Gadot that she will not repeat the ‘Red Notice’ mistake this time. Meaning that at least the story will be chosen which has international appeal and which has some novelty.

But, the cartridges she brought this time also turned out to be tainted. How Gal Gadot even thought of repeating the feat that Tom Cruise does in each of his ‘Mission Impossible’ series, is a matter to ponder. There is an international organization called Chapter here which keeps the world from falling into trouble.

One of his agents, Stone, manages to sneak into MI6, but her identity is soon revealed. All the work of the chapter is done from a data bank kept in a satellite named, Heart. With the help of this data bank, the chapter can keep an eye on the whole world. This is what Kaya Dhawan of Pune is trying to achieve, whose parents die during a test in a medical lab. She has to take revenge on the owner of this lab. She is a master of computers, just like the heroine Stone of the film.

Aliya’s acting is no longer impactful

Netflix itself did not have any special expectations from the Indian audience regarding the film ‘Heart of Stone’ from the beginning. Not a single journalist from India was included in the press conference of the film. Then when Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt started talking to the media about this film, here too the mainstream desi media remained on the sidelines.

After watching the film, it is understood that Alia, who is playing the role of a 20-year-old IT expert, must have understood that she is just a celebrity here, who after this film has some international brands and can come The rest are neither for Alia in the film nor for the desi audience who are fond of Hollywood films.

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