The Mystery of India’s Bermuda Triangle Has Not Been Solved To Date

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The Mystery of India’s Bermuda Triangle Has Not Been Solved To Date

The Mystery of India’s Bermuda Triangle Has Not Been Solved To Date

The mystery of India’s Bermuda Triangle Has Not Been Solved Till Date,: The Bermuda Triangle of India: You must have heard the name of Bermuda Triangle. It is considered the most mysterious place in the world. Even good pilots get scared on hearing its name. It is said that the ship passing through here suddenly vanishes somewhere in the sea. Many people consider the reason for this to be invisible forces, while some people hold air traffic responsible.

But do you know that there is also Bermuda Triangle in India? Yes, it is in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. It is said that flying planes suddenly disappear here. It is said that 25 plane accidents have happened here so far and many people have died. After these accidents, flying here is not free from danger.

People are curious to know about the Bermuda Triangle of India. This is such a mystery, which has not been disclosed till now. So let’s know interesting things about Bermuda Triangle.

Incidents Happening Since Before Independence.

The first accident happened in 1944 in the Bermuda Triangle of India. On May 4, 1944, a US Army fighter plane collided with another plane, killing 4 people. Before independence, the process of the sudden disappearance of planes started here. The last plane crash here happened in 2018, in which the pilot’s life was saved.

India’s second Bermuda Triangle is in Arunachal Pradesh.

Not only in Orissa, but there are many such hilly areas adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh, where many planes have crashed. The US has confirmed that around 400 American Air Force personnel lost their lives here during World War II. There has been news of the missing of many helicopters not only from America but also from India.

Sometimes strong winds, sometimes zero visibility becomes the reason –

Experts believe that most of the accidents here happen due to bad weather. The weather here is worse than in Odisha. Sometimes there is zero visibility on the route of the plane, sometimes strong winds start blowing suddenly and conditions like a storm are created. This storm moves at such a high speed that the helicopter pushes the small plane away. Due to this, the balance of the plane deteriorates. Before the pilot can think of anything, the plane crashes.

The accident happened in 2019 –


A plane crash happened here in 2019. About 13 people died. The wreckage of the plane was found 15 days after the crash, but no survivors were found.

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