Dassam Falls Ranchi Tata Highway Attractions, Hotels, and Food

Dassam Falls Ranchi Tata Highway Attractions, Hotels, and Food

Dassam Falls Ranchi Tata Highway Attractions, Hotels, and Food

Dassam Falls Ranchi Tata Highway Attractions, Hotels, and Food: When discussing the beauty of Jharkhand, the discussion of waterfalls automatically happens and it becomes mandatory to discuss the surrounding areas of Ranchi when discussing waterfalls.

In this context, today it has become necessary to mention that Dasam Falls has located 34 km from Ranchi city on the Ranchi-Tata highway near Taimara Valley.

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 260Km Via NH18 and NH 43
  • Distance From Kolkata Is Approx. 385Km Via NH18 and NH 43
  • Distance From Jamshedpur Is Approx. 111Km Via NH 43
  • Google Map: Dassam Falls


The place is also known as Dasam Garh. The main water source of this waterfall is the river Kanchi, which comes here from a height of 144 feet. The unique feature of this fall is that when the waterfall is seen, 10 streams of water are also seen falling.

This waterfall is surrounded by many beautiful natural views. Tourists coming here are strictly instructed not to bathe in the stream of the waterfall, or take special precautions while bathing.

The best time to visit Dasam Falls is from February to April. Dasam Falls is also famous as ‘Dasam Ghagh’. Gradually the number of tourists coming here is increasing and many facilities are also being provided to them.

The Dasam Falls are formed when the Kanchi, a tributary of the Subarnarekha, falls from a height of 144 feet while flowing through the southern Chotanagpur plateau or the plateau part of Ranchi.

If you want to see the beauty of the mountains of Jharkhand, then this place is the best, at first glance really looks like the valleys of the Himalayas. There are forests all around and the valley of the waterfall is very deep.

During the rainy season, it takes a very frightening form. In colloquial it is called Dasham Falls. Actually, the word Dasham originated from the local Mundari word Da Song.

In the Mundari language, Da means water and Song means to pour. This means pouring water. Local people must have named it like this because of the phenomenon of water pouring out by nature, but today everyone calls it Dassam instead of Da Song.

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The water of Dasham Falls remains almost clear. There is a lot of crowd at the time of picnic, only local songs of Jharkhand are played everywhere. Due to being a rainy river, sometimes this fall also becomes dry in summer.

A small pond has been formed below the stream falling from a height, in which people bathe to the fullest. But it is also very dangerous and accidents have resulted in many deaths.

Recently it has been developed and big stairs have been made to reach the bottom. Wire fencing has also been installed to prevent accidents due to slipping on rocks. Nevertheless, one has to walk very carefully on these rocks.

How To Reach Dassam Falls

Since Ranchi is the nearest city to this waterfall, therefore if you want to come from another state, it would be better to come to Ranchi first. Then from there, you will have to move on the NH-33 route to Jamshedpur by bus.

Then only a private vehicle from NH-33 will be able to reach there as public transport is not available there. A beautiful place amidst the mountains waiting for you.

Where To Stay And Eat

  • By the way, you will find hotels for food and drink on the highway.
  • But a good hotel to stay in will be found only 10-20 minutes away from the falls.

At present, the management of this waterfall is being done by the people of the local committee. There is a need to develop it further and take it to the national level.

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