Dalmdal Canon Bishnupur – Dalmadal Kaman Bengal Tourism

Dalmdal Cannon - Dalmadal Kaman Bishnupur - Westbengal

Dalmdal Canon Bishnupur – Dalmadal Kaman Bengal Tourism

Dalmdal Canon Bishnupur – Dalmadal Kaman Bengal Tourism: At a distance of 1.5 km from Bishnupur Bus Station, Dalmdal Cannon is one of the famous cannons located in Bishnupur, West Bengal. Situated near Chhinnamasta Temple and Jor Mandir temples, it is one of the popular historical attractions of Bishnupur.

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 94Km Via NH-14.
  • Google Map: DALMADAL KAMAN 

‘Dal Madal’ means ‘destroyer of the enemy. It is a large iron cannon and is believed to have been fired by Madan Mohan Bhagwan himself when the Marathas attacked Bishnupur during the reign of Raja Gopal Singh in the 17th century. The Dalmadal is the largest built by the Malla kings of Bengal and has not rusted over time with an outer diameter of 66.5 cm.

Dalmdal Cannon - Dalmadal Kaman Bishnupur - Westbengal

The cannon is mounted on a masonry platform. It is 3.8 meters long with a bore of 28.6 cm. The site is well maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, with a board detailing the history and measurement details placed in front of the cannon. The canon is housed within an enclosure that attracts tourists from far and wide.

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Dal Madal is also a shining example of how Bengal’s innovative indigenous craftsmen and blacksmiths who use only household items such as cauldrons, pans, and utensils to make utensils, can meet the need of the hour and build a giant cannon.

He felt that conventional weapons like swords and spears were insufficient to fight the enemy. However, we hardly know the names of the people who made these guns, apart from a few whose names are inscribed on the war equipment made by them. Like the Dal Madal cannon made by Jagannath Karmakar.

There was another canon named Bachchawali Cannon, which is preserved and displayed to the audience near Hazarduari in Murshidabad. It was prepared by another skilled artisan Janardan Karmakar. These canons carry forward the glorious saga of the skilled craftsmen of Bengal.

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