BRO successfully restores road connectivity between Lachen and Munsithang after a devastating cloud burst

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BRO successfully restores road connectivity between Lachen and Munsithang after a devastating cloud burst

BRO successfully restores road connectivity between Lachen and Munsithang after a devastating cloud burst

Heavy devastation in North Sikkim: Bridges and roads disappeared due to flash floods

North Sikkim faced unprecedented devastation after a devastating cloud burst over Lhonak Lake from October 3-4, 2023. The torrential floods caused several bridges to collapse and 20-25 km of critical road infrastructure was washed away, cutting off connectivity between Mangan and North Sikkim.

BRO swung into action: rapid mobilization of manpower and machinery

Responding immediately to the crisis, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) started restoration efforts from day one. The organization rapidly mobilized manpower and machinery to address the widespread devastation and loss of connectivity.

Initial success: Bailey Bridge restores connectivity to Dzongu and Chungthanag

In the initial days of the restoration mission, BRO successfully rebuilt connectivity in the Dzonghu area by building two bailey bridges over the Teesta River. Simultaneously, strategic coordination with the Army enabled the reconstruction of Bailey bridges to restore connectivity from Chungthanag to Lachen on the north side.

Huge task: cutting construction between Chungthanag and Zeema

Undaunted by the magnitude of the challenge, BRO intensified its efforts by undertaking the mammoth task of cutting construction between Chungthanag and Zeema, where there was extensive damage to the road network. The work involved cutting over 3 kilometers of terrain in hard rock sections with an average height of 10-12 meters.

Unwavering commitment: Overtime and heavy machinery overcome challenges

Faced with the tough challenge, BRO demonstrated unwavering commitment by employing heavy machinery and blasting equipment to execute the construction-cutting work. The organization worked tirelessly, including double shifts and even holidays, to restore connectivity for light vehicles between Lachen and Munsithang.

Future prospects: Additional machinery deployed for ongoing restoration

With basic connectivity restored, BRO has deployed additional heavy machinery for the ongoing construction-cutting efforts to reconnect Chungathnag and Munsithang. Restoration work is in full swing, ensuring continuous efforts towards the restoration of widespread connectivity.

Appreciated for selfless commitment: BRO’s heroic efforts lauded as a role model

The selfless commitment displayed by the brave workers of Border Roads Organization has earned praise from all quarters. His heroic efforts have raised hopes among the residents including the Army that connectivity with North Sikkim will soon be restored. The dedication of BRO in these challenging circumstances is exemplary for other agencies.

As restoration work continues, the Border Roads Organization remains steadfast in its mission to rebuild and reconnect the communities affected by the devastating cloudburst in North Sikkim.


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