Why Is Hosur Called Little England Of India

Why Is Hosur Called Little England Of India

Why Is Hosur Called Little England Of India

Why Is Hosur Called Little England Of India: Known for its climate for the cultivation of unique European vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and beans as well as the unfamiliar fresh rose, the place also fascinated the British.

Due to its beautiful topography, the people coming here feel at home. The town has Kellinworth Fort, whose architecture is similar to that of Kenilworth Castle in England.

This is the only fort in the country that looks like the palaces of the British. The pleasant weather with the palace forced the British to call it ‘Little England of India‘, due to which the local people also came to know it by this name.

Let us tell you about some of the best places in this place.

Visit Sri Maha Pratyangira Kalika Devi Alayam (Hosur):

Located in Moranpalli, this temple has the largest idol of Pratyangira (a goddess with the face of a male lion). It is present in the Rajagopuram of the temple. There are long queues of devotees outside the temple daily.

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Beautiful Rose Garden:

Hosur is the city from where roses go for Valentine’s Day in India. Known for its excellent quality flower exports, you can find rose gardens all over the city.

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Indian version of Kenilworth Castle:

The Indian version of Kenilworth Castle, also known as Brett’s Fort. The story about this castle is that Mr. Brett, an English collector, was betrothed to a Scottish woman of noble birth.

However, her fiance refused to come to India, but she came here only when she was provided with a huge and beautiful residence in the form of a Scottish castle, which is Kenilworth Castle.

Chandra Chudeshwar Hill Temple:

The night view from Chandra Chudeshwar hill temple or Malai Kovil is spectacular. It is an ancient Shiva temple situated on the top of a rocky hill.

The amazing thing about this mountaintop is that here you will find two other hills lined up with temples one for Vishnu and the other for Brahma.

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Crispy Dosa and Piping Hot Soft Idli:

There is a lot to eat and drink here, here you can enjoy filter coffee. One can have a delicious breakfast at Meenakshi Bhawan, opposite Hosur Bus Stand. You can eat your fill of food here without emptying your pocket.

How to reach Hosur:

By Train: Hosur has its own railway station. You can easily get regular trains to Hosur from other major cities in the country. It takes about an hour to reach the place by train.

By Road: You can either book a cab from Bangalore to Hosur or private buses also ply from many parts of the country to Hosur. There are plenty of buses available that ply at regular intervals from Bengaluru to Hosur including Karnataka State Road Transport and other government RTCs of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Andhra.

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