Maldives In India – There Is An Exact Place In India Like Maldives

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Maldives In India – There Is an Exact Place In India Like Maldives

Maldives In India: There is no need to go to Maldives for roaming, there is an exact place in India where you can roam with your wife without a visa.

If you are thinking of holidaying in the Maldives with your wife, but the expenses have left you sweating, then there is no need to despair so soon, as there is no dearth of places like abroad in our country too.

Yes, there are many such places in India, which seem foreign, now you look at Srinagar itself, this place does not look less than Switzerland, not only this, there are 7 to 8 such places in the country, which are called “Mini Switzerland“. known as.

Rather, places like Kerala, Ooty, and Darjeeling also do not look less than foreign places. We spend so much money traveling abroad! If you are planning to go to the Maldives with your wife nowadays, then instead of going there, just take a look at these places in India, which look exactly like the Maldives.

1. Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep Islands is the most famous island in India, which is counted among the most unique tourist places in the country.

Known as the Little Maldives, this blue beach is situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea.

This Indian island is perfect for tourists interested in water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to go to this island, then first you have to get the entry permit from the Lakshadweep tourism office in Kochi, only then you will be allowed to go to the area where Lakshadweep island is located.

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2. Neil Island


As beautiful as Neil Island in the Andaman Sea is to see, the experience of visiting here will surely drive you happy.

Looking at the lush green paddy fields, tropical beaches, and fruit orchards, it seems as if someplace in heaven has descended on earth.

Just as the Maldives has become a honeymoon destination for couples, Neil Island is also famous among budget couples.

Here you can indulge in one-to-one water activities along with enjoying boating. Not only this, you can roam the island with your wife by renting a bike.

3. Netrani Island, Karnataka


Netrani Island, also known as Pigeon Island, can be reached through the coast of the temple town Murudeshwara.

Such a grand attraction is located on the Konkan Coast in the Arabian Sea. Gorgeous Indian islands with their interesting and sharp cliffs are perfect for tourists.

The unique marine species here such as whale sharks and butterflyfish give the feeling of being in the Maldives.

4. Havelock Island, Andaman


Havelock Island is a great tourist place in itself with some of the best beaches in the world.

Sit on the white side of the island and the experience of looking at the blue waters under the blue skies will surely take away all your stress.

The view of this place, which looks like the Maldives, feel like traveling abroad. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are located within the largest group of islands in India.

Here you can enjoy both cocktails by putting a chair on the side of the beach.

5. Divar Island


Now the next time you are in Goa, don’t miss visiting Divar Island. Where else will such a hidden gem be seen in India.

This island, only 10 kilometers away from Panjim, also gives the complete feeling of being in the Maldives. One can get to know the culture and countryside here, which is situated across the river Mandovi.

While holding the partner’s hand, one can see European structures, Portuguese landmarks, and the famous Our Lady of Compassion Church.

6. Elephanta Island, Mumbai


Gharpuri is known as Elephanta Island because of the famous labyrinth of elephant caves, which is located on the northeast side of Mumbai Harbor by the Gateway of India. In view of the ancient Indian beauty, UNESCO has included these rock-cut wonders in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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