Why Don’t We Have Room 13 in Hotels and Hospitals

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Why Don't We Have Room 13 in Hotels and Hospitals

Why Don’t We Have Room 13 in Hotels and Hospitals

Why Don’t We Have Room 13 in Hotels and Hospitals? Of all the numbers, number 13 remains the most talked about. According to neurology, number 13 is inauspicious. Many people also consider it a symbol of bad luck.

To date, people have such a phobia about the number 13, that people neither want to stay in hotel room number 13 nor want to start any new work on the 13th. In many cities even today there is no room number 13 in hotels.

If you stay in hotels while traveling, you must have booked rooms on different floors as well. But have you ever noticed that there is no room number 13 in hotels? Many hotels do not have even the 13th floor. Because of this, even after 12 in the lift, the button has to be pressed to go directly to the 14th floor. So what is the secret behind the number 13, which we are still unaware of?

People in western countries are suffering from the disease

You will be surprised to know, but people in western countries also believe in good and bad. According to people, the number 13 is very unlucky. There is a kind of fear among people regarding the number 13, which is called Triscide Phobia.

The Story of 13 November



No one knows whether this story has anything to do with the truth or not. But if media reports are to be believed, Jesus was once betrayed by someone. The man had eaten the meal with Jesus. Coincidentally, that person was sitting on the number 13 chair. Since this incident, the number 13 has come to be considered a symbol of betrayal abroad.

There will be no number 13 chair in France


You might laugh after hearing this, but the phobia of number 13 does not end here. If we talk about France, there is no chair number 13 in the hotels and restaurants here. Very strange, but people here follow it and avoid keeping chair number 13 in their hotel. Somewhere they are afraid that something wrong might happen to them by doing so.

There is no Sector 13 in this city of India.


On the other hand, if you have ever been to Chandigarh or are living there, then you must have seen that Sector 14 is directly after Sector 12. In this regard, it is said that the architect who prepared the map of the city also considered the number 13 inauspicious.

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s relation with number 13 


Former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the only person who had a deep connection with the number 13. In the first instance, his government lasted only 13 days. Again he took oath on the 13th itself. Even after this, his government lasted only for 13 months. He then chose to take oath as the Prime Minister of the 13th Lok Sabha on the 13th with the support of 13 parties. But after this, he had to face a severe defeat on the 13th itself. People say that it is nothing more than a coincidence.

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