Best Kept Secrets About Bali

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Best Kept Secrets About Bali

Best Kept Secrets About Bali

Best Kept Secrets About Bali: Always topping the list of the most spectacular and cultural cities in Indonesia, Bali is a unique destination for all kinds of people. Whether you are going on a family trip, honeymoon, or budget traveling, all kinds of tourists and wanderers are drawn to Bali. By the way, nowadays Bali is also in a lot of discussions because of the G20 Summit Bali. Along with Narendra Modi, heads of many countries have also participated in this. During this, PM Modi will participate in more than 20 meetings, which means PM Modi is going to spend a few days in Bali. As much as Bali is special to see, it has surprising things, about which you would hardly know.

Children are named in a funny way –


If you have ever had a child in your home, you must have thought for hours and days to find the perfect name for him, but this is not the case in Bali. Here no name of the children is kept thoughtfully, but according to them, there are only 4 names of the children, which go according to the order of their birth. First child – Vayana, second child – Bana, third child – Nyoman, fourth child – Ketut and the cycle starts again from the fifth child, isn’t it interesting?

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1 Year = 210 days


You must have seen a calendar of 365 days in many countries till now, but this is not the case in Bali, where there are 210 days in a year. This is because of their Pawukon calendar, which is their official calendar, in which the year is divided into 6 months, each with 35 days.

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Nyepi Day



This is a very unique festival of Bali, in which everyone on the island of Bali observes a fast of complete silence. The whole island remains closed for the whole day, be it work or talking, everything stops here on this day. This event is celebrated at the beginning of every new year in Bali. Would you like to do something like this?

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Puberty in Bali



In Bali, when a child reaches the stage of adolescence, they have to get tooth filling done, yes you read it right, tooth filling. The ceremony symbolizes three things: coming of age, becoming a human from an animal, and control over the six human vices, which include desire, greed, anger, delusion, envy, and influence. In tooth filling, a person’s teeth are filled or tooth filling is done by removing the problem of the cavity.

Black Sand


You might have seen white sand in Bali, but have you ever seen black sand? Since Bali is a volcanic part of Indonesia, many of these volcanic eruptions have caused the sand to turn black. So you need not panic if you see black beaches here.


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