Top 5 Cities to Own a Boat In

Top 5 Cities to Own a Boat In

Boating is one of the classic outdoor pastimes throughout all of human history. It’s a hobby, an industry, and a way of life. Many people choose a city to live in based on their love of boats and the outdoors. If this is your criteria, you have plenty to choose from. Here are the 5 top cities for you to own a boat in.

1. Seattle is the Pearl of the Pacific Northwest

Seattle is the city that always seems poised to be the source of an endless source of top-rated boat and yacht reviews. This is largely due to its preeminent position as the true pearl of the Pacific Northwest coast. If you’re looking for a premier boating country, you’ll find it here. Seattle has endless areas of coast for boating lovers to explore.

2. Benton is a Secret Paradise in Arkansas

There are plenty of hidden nooks and crannies that offer a great deal of outdoor pleasure to boating lovers. One of the best-kept secrets in the United States has always been Benton County in Arkansas. This is due to its seemingly endless riverfront real estate. If you love boating, this is an area you can’t ignore.


Of course, now that the land boom in Arkansas has come to the attention of the nation, things are different. As a result of this great reveal, more people than ever are coming to the area. But there is still a place that you can go to get away from it all. You can buy a houseboat to live in and enjoy the waterfront.

3. Tampa Bay is a Sunshine Surprise

One of the world’s top-rated boating towns can be found on the West coast of the Sunshine State. Tampa Bay is one of the most well-regarded areas for boating in the state of Florida. It’s home to some of the cleanest, clearest waters in the entire Gulf Coast region. If you love boats, this is a good area.


Tampa Bay offers some of the world’s most cost-effective prices on boats and boat rentals. It has one of the highest boat-owning rations per capita in the entire country. Sunny skies and a clear blue bay make Tampa Bay a destination for some of the world’s foremost boating fans. It’s a city not to be missed.

4. Boating is a Way of Life in Knoxville

There are plenty of places in the United States where you can rent a boat for a few hours. You can go fishing, swimming, or just lay back and enjoy the relaxing pace of life on the water. But if you are looking for a place where people treat boating as a way of life, Knoxville may just be the city you need to live in.


The Tennessee River defines the city’s identity, economy, and many of its most cherished pastimes. This is a river that hooks up with the Ohio River to form a huge waterway. This gives you many miles of river to navigate through. There are plenty of places to park your boat at night so you can start again in the a.m.

5. The Twin Cities Are a Boater’s Shangri-La

The state of Minnesota bears the name “Land of the Thousand Lakes” for a very good reason. If you’re looking for the ultimate area to get out on the water, it’s time for you to come north. The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis offer you endless chances to make owning a boat the best move you ever made.


A region is a favorite place for boaters of all kinds to explore. The water is clear, peaceful, and very easy for beginners to navigate. This is the place to get to know boating.

It’s Time to Get Out on the Water

If you are ready to do some exploring out on the sea, there is no better time than the present. This is your opportunity to finally realize a long-held dream. Boats are more affordable than ever and training is easily within your reach. You can be out on the seas enjoying a new taste of freedom in no time at all.


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