Taliban – Fall of Kabul – Taliban Take Over Afghanistan

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Taliban – Fall of Kabul – Taliban Take Over Afghanistan

Taliban has completely occupied Afghanistan now. The Afghan Government has fallen. And Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. According to some reports, he went to Tajikistan. Some reports claim that he fled to Uzbekistan.

The other countries are trying to evacuate their citizens from Kabul, as soon as possible. On 15th August, the Taliban entered Kabul. And it went inside the Presidential Palace. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany are on the long list of countries that have shut down their embassies in Afghanistan.

The US embassy has also been completely evacuated. And the remaining people are trying to escape the country via the Kabul airport.

Because Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, and the Taliban has occupied it from all sides. The only place remaining for the people was the Kabul airport. If they wanted to leave the country. For this reason, some horrifying videos have come in from the Kabul airport.”Crowds packed the international airport in Kabul in a chaotic scene on Sunday.

After the Taliban insurgents entered the Afghan capital. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. Saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.”It took the Taliban just one week to regain control of Afghanistan.””The airport has been closed to all civilian flights.

Gunshots have been fired there. Where thousands of Afghans have gathered in the hope of getting out of the country.”US President Joe Biden had claimed that the Taliban has around 85,000 fighters. But the Afghanistan army had 300,000 soldiers.

So the Afghan army could easily defend itself.”Is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?”“No, it is not. You have the Afghan troops at 300,000. Well equipped. As well equipped as any army in the world. And an air force. Against something like 75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable.”The US Intelligence experts had said that it would take the Taliban 3-4 months to get control of the entire country.

But in just a few weeks, very easily, the Taliban has overthrown the Afghan Government. Perhaps the reason behind it is that there has been little to no resistance from the Afghan army. Afghanistan’s President stated in a Facebook post that he left Kabul because he didn’t want bloodshed.

But in reality, Corruption, Poor leadership lack of training, and low morale were among the reasons why the Afghanistan army showed no resistance. They did not fight back against the Taliban. Last year, when Donald Trump was the President of America, the USA signed a peace deal with the Taliban. For the Afghan soldiers, it was a betrayal. They questioned how America could go and have talks with their enemies and sign a peace deal.

And now, under Joe Biden, when the USA, is withdrawing the American army, it was even more demoralizing for the Afghan soldiers. They doubted their ability to fight without any military support. On the other hand, very strategically, the Taliban used propaganda and psychological operations against the Afghan army.

Instead of declaring all-out war, they sent text messages to the Afghan soldiers. bombarded them saying that if they don’t fight them they will not be killed and their family members would also be safe. They were threatened so much, that thousands of soldiers deserted the Afghanistan army.

And they switched sides. Because at the end of the day, any common man prioritizes his and his family’s security. They know that if they give in to the Taliban they’ll survive. Their family would survive. So why wouldn’t they choose the option? Especially then when on the other hand, their leader isn’t very motivated himself.

He isn’t confident of a win. And he has fled the country. But Taliban’s rule of the common people, especially for women is perhaps no less than hell in Afghanistan. Especially if the Taliban enforces the same rules that they had enforced in 1996 and 2001.

Some reports have already started to come in that women are being kidnapped to be the brides of the Taliban fighters. Some men are being forced to fight for the Taliban. Several ex-Government officials have been assassinated. Girls are worried if they would be able to go to school.

Because under the last Taliban government girls weren’t allowed to go to school. Girls couldn’t go out of their homes without being accompanied by a male relative. Friends, what’s interesting now is that the Taliban is denying some of the news reports.

They claim that when they’ll form the new government in Afghanistan they will give rights to women as well. That they’ll give the rights to go to school to women, work, and to go out of their homes alone. Although, women would still have to wear hijabs.

hat would still be compulsory. When the spokesperson of the Taliban was asked for the literal ‘spokesperson the situation today is that the spokesperson of the Taliban is talking to the media houses. When the spokesperson of the Taliban was being interviewed by BBC, said that now burqa wouldn’t be compulsory for women only the hijab will be okay.

“The policy is that women can have access to education and to work and of course, they will observe the hijab that is it.”Taliban has even gone and said that the media will be allowed to criticize anyone.

But it’s one thing to say something but the ground reality is not the same. Recently, a comedian in Afghanistan was murdered by the Taliban. Taliban has even admitted to having killed this comedian. Additionally, the Taliban has also admitted that they have assassinated several government officials.

Because according to them, they were traitors. So, unfortunately, for the Afghans, the situation is looking very bleak. We can only hope that what we expect of the Taliban is the atrocities on the Afghan Taliban, that we imagine, the Taliban refrains from them.

And that the Afghans can get true Independence and Freedom. On the other hand, if we talk about America, for America, it is quite humiliating on several counts. This photo was quite viral on social media recently. An American helicopter can be seen on the side of the American embassy. This photo is actually similar to a 45-year-old photo. That was taken in Saigon, South Vietnam.

A helicopter on the side of the American embassy was carrying out evacuations. In the Vietnam war too, America had to face much embarrassment. Several people are terming this Afghanistan situation as Joe Biden’s Saigon moment. USA’s Secretary of State has rejected this comparison and said that the US mission in Afghanistan was actually successful.

That the USA had gone to Afghanistan to take action against the people behind the 9/11 attack.“This is manifestly not Saigon. The fact of the matter is this. We went to Afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind. And that was to deal with the people who attacked us on 9/11, and that mission has been successful.”We brought bin Laden to justice a decade ago.”

But if it was so, the question arises when Osama bin Laden was already killed in 2011, why did the USA stay in Afghanistan even after that? Why didn’t they pull out of Afghanistan after that?

A 2019 study estimated that after the 9/11 attack, America has spent $6.4 trillion on Middle East wars. And more than 800,000 people have been killed, as a result of direct fighting. So much money. All of it is the money from American taxpayers.

Where is it being used? Why are trillions of dollars needed to fight these wars? It is very interesting to know, friends.

The ethical concerns about wars and human rights concerns are undeniable. But if we put them aside for a while and look at things from the perspective of a hyper-nationalist person one who considers going to these wars is benefiting his country and increasing the security of the country. So let’s take the example of the US-Iraq war. The oil industry in Iraq before the 2003 US invasion, was nationalized.

Meaning that the Iraqis had control over their oil industry. They got the profits from it. But when the US invaded Iraq and looted the oil from Iraq, it was privatized. In the hands of companies like Exxon Mobil, BP Shell, Halliburton. Halliburton was headed by Dick Cheney.

When he stepped down from this position, he became the Vice President of the US. Even after becoming the Vice-President of the US, he continued to hold a significant share in this company. Suddenly, claims started cropping up that Iraq had nuclear weapons of mass destruction. And in his public statements, Dick Cheney said that the US should go on a war against Iraq.

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And after this, you can guess that this Halliburton company was not only given oil contracts in Iraq but many major military contracts were also given.

Which led to huge profits for this company. Not only this, if we talk about the Exxon Mobil company, Around 2003, this company reported the largest ever quarterly profits in history at $7 billion. You might wonder friends why I’m talking about Iraq in an article on Afghanistan. 

The reason being, friends, that similar stories are floating around in Afghanistan as well. The biggest defense contractor in Afghanistan is a construction giant company called Fluor. In 2015, the US Defence Department spent $3.8 billion to give defense contracts to this company.

Overall, what I’m saying, friends is that often some giant companies earn profits in millions and billions whenever there is a war. Profit out of War. This is also known as the Military-Industrial Complex. This is often the money of the taxpayers that is paid to the army and military. And then the military awards contracts to giant companies that earn profits from it.

And often these giant companies bribe and lobby politicians that they should be awarded the defense contracts and that the war should continue. For example, in 2018, Fluor spent $5.3 million. For lobbying Congress.

In this sense, for the last 20 years, the common people of Afghanistan have suffered. Their money was wasted. And they were the ones to go as American soldiers to lose their lives. They died in the Afghanistan War. If we look at this situation from a geopolitical perspective, friends, China and Russia are two countries that have not evacuated their embassies in Kabul.

It means that directly or indirectly, China and Russia are in the favour of Taliban. In fact, China has even said that they are ready to form friendly relations with the new Taliban government. The reason behind it is very obvious. China is thinking about its economy.

It is thinking of its One Belt One Road initiative. It is a great contrast to the other Westen countries like the UK that is saying that they will not recognize the new Taliban government. Several western countries may not recognize the Taliban as the new government of Afghanistan.

But this may end up creating Frankenstein’s monster for China and Russia. Because the USA had also tried to do this before. The Soviet Union had tried it before them.

The USA had indirectly supported the Mujahideen, printed violent textbooks for them and now it’s backfiring on them. China may also end up regretting its decision in the future. The decision to support them. If the Taliban joins hands with China, then it will be hypocrisy on the Taliban’s part.

Because while they project that they are orthodox Muslims, that they care for the Muslim brethren, and on the other hand, having friendly relations with a country like China that is committing atrocities against the Uighur Muslims.

If this isn’t hypocrisy, what is? One thing is very clear from this, friends, that you must understand. All the politicians in all countries, including the Taliban, are greedy for power. Someone was right in saying, “All of them are trying to fool us.”Because it is the common person in every country, that is the victim of their cruelty. The common man has to feel burnt from their power games. This situation is a dilemma for India as well.

Shall India support the Taliban and recognize them? Or shouldn’t it? If not, shall it pressurize the Taliban and send its army to fight against the Taliban? If not, shall it indirectly pressurize them to hold democratic elections? If not, shall the Taliban be acknowledged and then ignored? What should India do? I’ll leave that up to you. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

But overall, I’ll say this in the conclusion, friends, if you’re confused about this situation about whom to support, Afghanistan’s government or the Taliban or the USA or China or Russia understand this at least, it is very important to support the masses.

I believe that we should support the American soldiers, that are dying in these wars. The American taxpayers are being looted for these wars. The people of Afghanistan are victims of tyranny under the Taliban’s rule. The Russians are facing hardships under the dictatorship of Putin. Or the Chinese that is being oppressed by the Chinese Communist Party.

We should support all of them. We should support the freedom and human rights of every person. I hope you found this blog informative. And I hope you like this. Thank you very much!


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