Avatar first part re-released with 4K technology

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Avatar first part re-released with 4K technology

Avatar first part re-released with 4K technology

James Cameron has announced that the first installment of Avatar is coming back to the screens with 4K technology. In 2009, James Cameron directed the movie Avatar which was well-received by the people.

The scenes of the film, which were set at the peak of grandeur, left the fans in awe. Following the success of the film, Avatar 2 directed by James Cameron has been made on a grand scale under the name ‘Avatar: The Way of Water.

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The film stars Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Long, Cliff Curtis, and others. The shooting of the film was completed last year and the team is currently working on the final stages. Avatar 2 stars Kate Winslet as the titular heroine. The film will hit theaters worldwide on December 16 in 160 languages.

In this situation, the first part of the Avatar movie remastered with 4K technology will be re-released in theaters before the release of the second part, according to James Cameron, the director of Avatar movie. He said that the movie Avatar will be released again in 4K, 3D, and HDR quality on September 23.

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