Machakandana Waterfall An Adventure Jungle Trek In Mayurbhanj Odisha

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Machakandana Waterfall An Adventure Jungle Trek In Mayurbhanj Odisha

Machakandana Waterfall An Adventure Jungle Trek In Mayurbhanj Odisha: I and my friend Dinesh started our journey at 6:10 a.m. from IIT Kharagpur. We had breakfast in Nayagram and then set out for 152 km, far away in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. The name of the place is Machakandana where there is a beautiful waterfall between the mountain and the forest.

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 152Km Via SH-5 Keshiary – Nayagram – Baripada – Udala
  • Google Map: Machakandana Waterfall

About Machakandana Waterfall

Machakandana waterfall is a series of waterfalls that consist of three waterfalls namely Sana Machakandana, Bada Machakandana, and Mainsigila waterfall. These are the most beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen. By walk of 1.5 kilometers from the Manabhanga U.P. School, you can reach this place.

For natural beauty lovers one of the best places, where you can find for a family trip and after 3 km approx. of the walk, you find the waterfall. So love this place where you can do picnics & trekking altogether.

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And the most important thing is if you come here, then take the local guy from the village. I will give the number of the people I talked to in the village. if you want to contact them – Dast Babu: +91-99337402417, these people are very nice and helpful. I really like their behavior. You may have some problems with communication just because of the language. They speak Odia and a little bit of Hindi. 

Now the most interesting thing happened that when we were making a video on Waterfall, we met another vlogger brother there. His Youtube channel name is Rider Rama 48.

He was a nice guy. He was making a vlog in Odia. Then we decided to visit another waterfall together which was on top of the mountains approx. 1 Km uphills from Machkandana Waterfall. The name of that fall is probably Bada Machkandana Waterfall.


Now let me give you the information about hotels. You will not find any hotel there. If you want to stay then either you can take a hotel in Baripada or in Udala. Ask some locals in the village for nearby homestays. Small shops will be found for food and drink. Where you can take some snacks etc., which will give you energy in trekking, definitely take drinking water with you.

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Thank you Hope you liked it.

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