Gajaburu Hills Purulia Adventure & Rock Climbing Bengal Tourism

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Gajaburu Hills Purulia

Gajaburu Hills Purulia Adventure & Rock Climbing Bengal Tourism

Gajaburu Hills Purulia Adventure & Rock Climbing Bengal Tourism: Gajaburu Hills belongs to the arsha block of the Purulia district. People come here every winter from different places including Kolkata to do an “Adventure & rock climbing course”.

The Gajaburu slopes are hard, rough, and tough which will provide a welcome challenge to tourists looking for a spot of thrill and adventure while camping or picnic

Cross the Kansai River Bridge from Purulia to Tamna Junction. From there turn right and go straight. Greenery surrounds the road. The trees on both sides of the road stand to welcome you.

Gajaburu Hills Purulia

Surrounded by thick greenery, Gajaburu stands with his chest held high, his head held high, and his spine straight.

Believe me, if you want to enjoy the immense beauty of Purulia, you must come here. Surrounded by greenery, the horizon is wide mountains. You have to stand at the foot and look at it with your head raised because the front side of this mountain is very steep. Again near the foothills is a beautiful water body, which we fondly call the lake.

Spend the night camping next to this lake, and spend the day in the mountains and in the jungle. You can enjoy the silence of the night by sitting beside the lake on the night of Purnima, sometimes singing, sometimes staring at the huge Gajaburu standing in the dark, hiding the moon, and sometimes just sitting quietly and looking at the starry sky.

Days spent in this nature, near nature, with nature will forever be etched in your memory. Reaching here you will be so mesmerized that you will repeatedly feel like you have reached Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand.

It is the second-highest peak in the Ayodhya mountain range. About 677 meters. A training paradise for climbers.

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