Top 5 Darjeeling Tea Garden Stays to Book Today

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Top 5 Darjeeling Tea Garden Stays to Book Today

Top 5 Darjeeling Tea Garden Stays to Book Today

Top 5 Darjeeling Tea Garden Stays to Book Today: Discover a world where nature, history, and the art of tea converge in perfect harmony, creating an unforgettable experience for all who venture to this captivating destination.

Singtom Resort the Victorian Charm of Darjeeling’s Oldest Tea Estate

Escape to the timeless allure of Singtom Resort, nestled amidst the lush tea estates, and discover a retreat that seamlessly blends Victorian elegance with modern comforts. Established in 1852, this historic tea estate, located closest to Darjeeling town, invites you to immerse yourself in its rich heritage. Step into the bungalow, a captivating architectural gem dating back to 1862, where the Victorian charm has been meticulously preserved while integrating modern amenities discreetly. Delight in the flavours of their exclusively vegetarian cuisine, crafted with care and culinary expertise.

At Singtom Resort, the world of tea beckons you to indulge in a plethora of tea-related activities. Immerse yourself in the art of tea plucking as you experience a guided tour through the tea gardens, followed by a visit to the tea factory to witness the fascinating tea-making process. Engage your senses in a tea-tasting session, where you can savor the distinct flavours and aromas of Darjeeling’s finest brews.

Glenburn Tea Estate and Boutique Hotel

Embark on a picturesque journey just an hour’s drive away from Darjeeling and find yourself transported to a bygone era at Glenburn Tea Estate and Boutique Hotel. Step into the Burra Bungalow, a meticulously restored planter’s bungalow, and be mesmerized by sweeping views of the majestic Kanchenjunga and the sprawling tea gardens from its front verandah. For a serene retreat, the Water Lily Bungalow awaits you on the edge of the Glenburn spur, offering tranquility amidst nature’s embrace.

Immerse yourself in the art of tea at Glenburn with their captivating tea tour. Take a leisurely stroll through the tea gardens, guided by an expert who will share fascinating nuggets of tea trivia along the way. Arrive at the tea factory and witness the meticulous process of tea production, gaining insights into the craftsmanship that goes into every cup. Don’t worry if walking isn’t your preference; you can opt for a scenic drive, with brief halts at points of interest that showcase the beauty of the estate. Conclude your tea tour with a delightful tea-tasting experience, where you can savor the flavors and nuances of Glenburn’s exquisite brews.

Goomtee Darjeeling’s Famous Tea Estate Retreat

Nestled along the Hill Cart Road, Goomtee Tea Estate stands as one of Darjeeling’s most renowned tea estates. Just eight kilometers away from Kurseong, this picturesque estate offers easy accessibility and a captivating history. Originally the family residence of Henry Montgomery Lennox, and later serving as the bungalow for the Indian directors, it has now been transformed into an exclusive haven for discerning travelers.

The century-old bungalow at Goomtee provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside, offering a perfect vantage point to soak in the natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the heritage and charm of this historic residence as you unwind and rejuvenate amidst tranquility.

Additionally, Goomtee invites you to embark on a tea tour, allowing you to delve into the world of tea production. Explore the lush tea gardens, witness the meticulous processes at the factory, and gain insights into the artistry behind every cup of Darjeeling tea.

Escape to Goomtee and experience the blend of history, scenic beauty, and tea traditions that make it a coveted destination for tea enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Ging Tea House: A Charming Retreat Near Darjeeling

Nestled in the serene Lebong Valley, Ging Tea House is a tea estate bungalow located in close proximity to Darjeeling town. With just a half-hour drive from Darjeeling, this historic residence holds the distinction of being one of the first tea planter’s bungalows in the region. Offering accommodation in a restored mid-19th century bungalow, Ging Tea House is surrounded by picturesque gardens and provides stunning views of the snow-capped peaks that adorn the horizon.

Tumsong Chiabari: Embrace Colonial Charm in Ghum

Situated in Ghum, approximately 30 kilometers from Darjeeling, Tumsong Chiabari welcomes guests with its century-old bungalow showcasing timeless colonial architecture. This enchanting retreat offers accommodation that captures the essence of a bygone era. Nestled amidst the natural splendor, Tumsong Chiabari serves as a gateway to a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, birdwatching, riverside picnics, camping, and the quintessential plantation walk.

Discover the tranquility and charm of Ging Tea House and Tumsong Chiabari as you escape to these idyllic retreats, immersing yourself in nature and experiencing the allure of Darjeeling’s tea heritage.

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