Seven Wonders Of India In Bihar That You Should Visit In 2023

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Seven Wonders Of India In Bihar That You Should Visit In 2023

Seven Wonders Of India In Bihar That You Should Visit In 2023

Seven Wonders Of India In Bihar That You Should Visit In 2023: Bihar is a state of India, which is adjacent to the border of Nepal. It is also called the land of monasteries. It is the third-largest state in India in terms of population.

By the way, Bihar is always in discussion about politics, so people’s perspective about Bihar is slightly different. But this place is nothing less than a wonder. Yes, there are many such monuments here, which are worth seeing.

Although there are seven wonders in the world, if you ever go to Bihar, then you will know that Bihar also has its own world of wonders. If you want to experience the tribal culture or live a rural life, then Bihar is a great place.

The history here is glorious. Since Buddha attained enlightenment here under the Bodhi tree, a great influence of Buddhism is seen here. But it is also a popular destination for Jains and Hindus.

Not only this, there are many such places in Bihar, after seeing which you will not believe your eyes. So let’s know about the famous historical places of Bihar:

1. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri


The tomb of Sher Shah Suri is located in the town of Sasaram in Bihar. It was built in memory of Emperor Shah Suri. Let us tell you that Shah Suri was a scholar and he also defeated them by fighting a battle against the Mughals. This tomb was designed by the architect Alawal. The height of this tomb is 122 feet. Very few people know, but it is called the second Taj Mahal of India.

For this reason, people consider it as a wonder of Bihar like the Taj Mahal.

2. Mahabodhi Temple



The Bodhi Temple located in Bodh Gaya is a UNESCO Heritage Place. The same Bodhi tree is built here, sitting under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. This place is 2000 years old. People’s faith in this temple is such that thousands of people of Hindu and Buddhist religions come here every year.

3. Vikramshila University



Vikramshila University is worth seeing at a total distance of 50 km from Bhagalpur in Bihar. It is said that the Pala king Dharmapala built this university in the late 8th century and early 9th century.

Spread over 100 acres, this university is a great place to learn. It was destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. Now this place is used for the Vikramshila festival.

4. Rohtasgarh Fort



This is a very famous and old fort located in the small town of Rohtas in Bihar. It is said that this fort was founded by King Harishchandra, who named the fort after his son Rohtasva. There is a high hill on the fort, to reach which people have to climb 2000 steps. The Ganesh temple, Ayna Mahal, and Habsh Khan’s tomb are no less than a wonder here.

5. Ashok Pillar



The Ashoka Pillar is a historical monument located in Vaishali, Bihar. There is a statue of a lion on top of the pillar, which was built by Ashoka. People come from far and wide to see the Ramkund pond near this pillar built at a height of 18.3 meters. People tell that King Ashoka believed in Buddhism a lot.

6. Caves at Barabar Hills



This cave in Bihar’s Jehanabad is a very good place to visit. This cave was established in 322-185 BC. There are four caves in the hills of Bar Bar and three in the hills of Nagarjuna. It is said that these caves were built by Ashoka’s grandson Dasharatha Maurya.

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7. Golghar



Golghar is a stupa located in Patna. It was built in 1786. Its structure was designed by Captain John Garstin, a well-known engineer from Bengal. One has to climb 145 steps to reach this stupa. Nevertheless, Golghar is the center of attraction among tourists.

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