What It’s Really Like At The US-Mexico Border – USA Donkey – USA Illegal Entry

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What It’s Really Like At The US-Mexico Border – USA Donkey – USA Illegal Entry

On social media and especially on YouTube you will find heaps of videos in which one is taught to make something.

Also, if you search on YouTube by entering the keyword ‘USA Donkey‘, you will find many videos with tips and tutorials on how to enter the US illegally through Mexico.

How to run a network to trap young people who want to go to America?

There are many videos here showing young Indians embarking on this perilous journey. The horrible story told by 311 Indians deported from Mexico These human traffickers use Donkey flights with secret codes for America and some European countries.

The word ‘Donkey’ is commonly used to describe the way in which Indians can enter other countries illegally. In Punjab, there are a lot of agents and offices making fake visas.

Some of the videos show how people seeking to enter the United States first come in contact with agents who make fake visas. A charge of Rs 15 to 50 lakh is levied from such people.

Then, these agents take most of the people who want to enter America to Colombia, where they meet with others like them and then form a group. The group is then taken through five to six forests, including the forests of Panama.

According to a report in The American Market, the jungles of Panama are very dangerous and corpses can be seen along the way. According to the video, these forests are full of wild animals and many people die due to a lack of food and water. If you are lucky you will cross these forests. The group is then taken to Costa Rica.

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Here they have to go through dense jungle once again before reaching Mexico. The group, which reached Mexico after crossing the jungle, is smuggled into the United States from the Mexican border. Here are some more videos, one of which is titled ‘Punjabi Family See How to Cross Border (Mexico to the USA)’.

It shows some family footage, with young children being carried away by women and a Mexican agent saying goodbye to them.

The family then travels under the wire with their children into the American desert. There are many videos here in which many groups of young people are seen sitting in the dense forest.

There are also many videos that have been shot by people entering the United States dangerously through Panama or Guantanamo. Oddly enough, some of these videos also warn that despite all these tips on getting into the US from Donkey Way, the journey could get you in trouble.

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Here are some videos in the Punjabi language about what can happen to you when Donkey Way enters America. All these videos have come under discussion after the recent incident of deportation of 311 Indians from Mexico who were trying to enter the US illegally.

Over the past several years, illegal immigrants to the United States have caused problems for locals, including in jobs. Many Indians live in the US illegally and are forced to live in illegal camps in the US.

The illegal route to the United States, USA Donkey, has also highlighted the need for India to take serious steps to curb illegal immigration.

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