Tripura Unakoti – One Crore Statues of Unakoti in Tripura

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Tripura Unakoti – One Crore Statues of Unakoti in Tripura

Tripura Unakoti – One Crore Statues of Unakoti in Tripura: Hello, the world I’m Gurpreet, and today we will explore the mysteries of Unakoti.

  • Distance From IIT Kharagpur to Unakoti Is Approx. 1,519 Km Via NH27
  • Google Map: Unakoti

Did you know about the mysterious statues of Unakoti?

According to the local legends, there are one crore sculptures over here but not everybody can find them they’re hidden in the lush green forest. The Shiva has been carved on it. It’s, not a separate sculpture by itself but it’s attached to the slope of the mountain.

This technique is called a bas-relief where the sculpture stays attached to the background of the same material the question is what made somebody come to this remote place and carve these unique sculptures. The name Unakoti means 1 less than 1 crore and Koti means 10,000,000.

How did it get this unique name there are two popular legends the first legend is that one crore gods stopped here on their way to Kashi, Shiva asked all the other gods to be up by sunrise but when sunrise came except for Shiva all the other gods were sleeping in a half shiva made his way to Kashi cursing all the other sleeping gods turning them to stone and since there was one less than 1 crore this area got to be known as Unakoti.

Another legend talks about a human named Kallu who wanted to accompany Shiva and Parvati to Kailash Parbat but she wasn’t too keen on taking him along so Shiva gave Kallu the task of finishing one crore sculptures before dawn over here when the dawn came he was short of only one sculpture and that’s why it’s called Unakoti but the fact there is nobody knows for sure who made them and nobody knows for sure when they were made but wait it doesn’t seem like there are 10 million sculptures over here.

What happened in the year 1960?

There was a devastating earthquake in the northeastern zone and Tripura was too much affected due to that reason you can see many of the sculpture has been scattered has been broken down been stolen also because at that time there was no fence between India and Bangladesh it was totally open.

This waterfall wasn’t here apparently and because of the earthquake of an existing waterfall sort of got diverted water and came over here who knows how many rocks you see here actually had sculptures on them but they got eroded and smoothen because it’s water flowing over them but there’s something even more mysterious than their numbers isn’t it amazing that their Ganesh that they have carved over here looks exactly like our Ganesh.

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Even today for us to reach Unakoti we have to take a flight from Kolkata to Agartala then a train to Dharmanagar then a shared cab to Unakoti. Now when communication is so strong can you even imagine how difficult it must have been in that time how legends and myths and stories would travel such great distances with such great accuracy it makes me wonder that the myths that we believe are myths may have some more truth behind them.

The problem with India is we spend too much time in our textbooks studying and glorifying the kings who came over here who invaded us and looted us and much less time studying the kings who built our culture the problem in all of this is that when we are asked what are some of the remarkable volumes of our culture these marvels are continuously ignored isn’t this marvelous isn’t this worth-visiting and doesn’t this deserve your attention so we go to Stonehenge we goto Easter islands and be amazed but something equally amazing is right here in our backyard why can’t we appreciate this as well.

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Unakoti reminds us that even though there are 99,99,999 statues over here people will remember this place for having one statue less in life we find incompleteness as such a big problem we’re always finding our happiness to be a little bit incomplete but look at this place celebrates everything being incomplete sometimes incomplete things are also beautiful. There are many such beautiful pieces of cultural history that prove that India is awesome and that’s the reason why we love India.

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