Travel Guide to Northeast India 10-Day Exploration

Travel Guide to Northeast India

Travel Guide to Northeast India 10-Day Exploration

Travel Guide to Northeast India: Northeast India, a hidden gem awaiting exploration, is an adventure like no other. With its captivating landscapes encompassing majestic waterfalls, sprawling valleys, shimmering rivers, and frozen lakes, the region known as the “seven-sisters” never fails to surprise even the most seasoned travellers.

Travel Guide to Northeast India 10-Day Exploration that will introduce you to the essence of Northeast India, blending popular highlights with offbeat experiences to ignite the explorer within.

Getting Around in Northeast India:

Commence your Northeast India expedition from the bustling city of Guwahati, the most convenient entry point to the region. With excellent air and road connectivity, Guwahati Airport serves as a gateway from major Indian cities. While the tourism infrastructure might not be as prominent as in other parts of the country, traversing the region by road promises an immersive and hassle-free adventure. If you prefer not to drive, private taxis are readily available, typically costing between Rs 1500–Rs 3000 per day. Be assured that every rupee spent on this road trip will be justified by the smooth roads guiding you through forests and unveiling unseen landscapes.

Day 1: Kaziranga National Park –

Exploring the Wild Heart Embark on your road trip adventure by delving into one of India’s most pristine national treasures – Kaziranga National Park. This awe-inspiring sanctuary sprawls across nature’s canvas like a traveller’s dream, boasting unpredictable forests and vast wetlands that harbor some of the world’s most endangered species.

Awaken to the distant melodies of nature resonating through misty mornings, surrendering to the wilderness’ embrace. Witness herds of elephants gracefully wandering amidst the misty grasslands, and if luck favors you, catch a glimpse of the majestic one-horned rhinoceros thriving in its natural habitat. Allow the symphony of the jungle to enchant your senses, immersing yourself in one of the most remarkable destinations in Northeast India. But remember not to grow too comfortable, as more captivating experiences await.

Day 2: Panikhaiti and Sualkuchi –

A Riverside Sojourn Embark on a day trip from Kaziranga National Park to the idyllic riverside village of Panikhaiti located a mere 120 kilometers away (approximately 2 hours’ drive). Panikhaiti offers a tranquil spectacle of life along the magnificent Brahmaputra River.

From Panikhaiti, venture towards Sualkuchi, situated just an hour away. Known as the hub of India’s silk-based textile manufacturing, this village showcases the rich heritage of silk craftsmanship. As you explore, you may also stumble upon the annual rowing competition, Naokhel, adding a touch of excitement to your visit.

Day 3: Majuli – Visit The World’s Largest River Island

On the third day of your road trip, make your way to Majuli, the world’s largest river island. Depart from Kaziranga and drive approximately 100km to reach Jorhat. Once you arrive in Jorhat, temporarily bid farewell to your cherished car and embark on an exciting ferry journey to Majuli, a destination that showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of Assam.

Cross the river on a thrilling ferry ride, and immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Majuli, which is not only the world’s largest river island but also one of the most captivating places to explore in Northeast India. Dedicate an entire day to discovering the unique lifestyle and charm that this fascinating island has to offer.

During your visit to Majuli, ensure that you experience the joy of riding on the ferry. The ferry operates at specific times: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM.

To catch the ferry, head to Nimati Ghat Road, located approximately 15 km from Jorhat city center. The ferry ride from Nimati Ghat to Majuli takes about an hour and thirty minutes, while the return journey back to Jorhat typically takes around two and a half hours. The fare for the ferry is Rs. 20 per person.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Majuli, and enjoy your day exploring the wonders of this remarkable river island.

Day 4: Ziro – Explore the Enchanting Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh

After the tranquil experience of Majuli Island, get ready for a thrilling shift of gears as you venture into the unspoiled terrain of Arunachal Pradesh. Brace yourself for an adventure of a lifetime as you immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Apatani people amidst the vibrant rural backdrop of Ziro Valley. Words fall short of capturing the true essence of what awaits you in this fertile valley, a mesmerizing mosaic of nature’s vivid hues. Discover a mountain paradise untouched by mainstream tourism, where the smiling faces of the native Apatani people greet you at every turn.

Ziro is one of the most sought-after destinations in Northeast India and is located approximately 7 hours away from Jorhat. During your road trip to Ziro, you will be treated to panoramic views of undulating green fields scattered with sparse populations.

If you plan to stay in Ziro, there is a delightful network of homestays available. You can choose to book them in advance or opt for on-the-spot reservations. 

Day 5: Nagaland – Journey to Nagaland, the Crown Jewel of India’s Tribal Heritage

Nagaland stands as a shining testament to the whirling diversity of Northeast India and India’s tribal heritage. On the fifth day of your Northeast India itinerary, drive from Ziro to Dimapur, a journey that should take approximately 10 hours and will pass through Jorhat as well.

Dimapur serves as an ideal base to explore the various attractions of Nagaland mentioned in this itinerary before continuing to Meghalaya in the next leg of your journey. The state capital, Kohima, is only an hour and a half away from Dimapur.

Day 6: Tuophema Village and Dzukou Valley – Indulge in the Wonders of Nagaland

Immerse yourself in the alleys and bylanes of Tuophema village, located approximately 3 hours away from Dimapur. Experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region as you explore this charming village.

Continue your exploration by visiting Dzukou Valley, located approximately 3 hours away from Dimapur. Lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the sprawling expanse of undulating green fields that characterize this valley.

If you are visiting in December, make sure to join in the festivities at the Hornbill Festival. This annual inter-tribal cultural extravaganza invites everyone to celebrate the vibrant traditions and heritage of Nagaland.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Nagaland, and cherish the unique experiences that await you in this culturally rich and diverse region.

Day 7: Meghalaya – Unravel the Mysteries of Meghalaya

On the seventh day of your Northeast India itinerary, immerse yourself in the enigmatic beauty of Meghalaya. The journey from the highlands of Nagaland to the captivating villages of Meghalaya traverses the heart of the countryside. The drive from Kohima/Dimapur to Meghalaya should take approximately 7 to 10 hours, so it is advisable to start early to reach Cherrapunji before sundown.

Meghalaya, like a place lost in time, welcomes you with its eerie yet inviting green panorama that envelops every corner of this paradise. Experience the alternative side of rural Asia by visiting Mawlynnong, where you can witness living root bridges and crystal-clear waters. Meghalaya showcases a remarkable harmony between society and nature.

Day 8: Dawki and Seven Sisters Falls – Witness the Wonders of Meghalaya

Embark on an unforgettable experience as you float on the crystal-clear waters of Dawki, located just 2.5 hours away from Cherrapunji. Dawki is renowned as one of the most remarkable places to visit in Northeast India, and its pristine waters will leave you spellbound.

Make sure to visit the Seven Sisters Falls, a majestic waterfall that will captivate your senses. It is considered one of the most magical places to visit in Northeast India, offering a mesmerizing spectacle of nature’s grandeur.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Meghalaya, as you delve into its mysteries and cherish the unforgettable experiences that await you in this captivating region.

Day 9: Shillong – Discover the Charms of Meghalaya’s Capital City

On the ninth day of your Northeast India sojourn, conclude your journey in the vibrant yet serene capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of attractions this city has to offer, making it one of the most popular destinations in Northeastern India.

Shillong presents an urban enclave amidst a largely untouched natural landscape. Visit Shillong to experience the thriving cosmopolitan side of Northeast India. Whether you’re seeking cozy cafes, live music gigs, or breathtaking outdoor experiences, Shillong is a dream escape that combines the best of modern life’s creature comforts with the enchanting beauty of nature.

Day 10: Police Bazar – Indulge in the Vibrant Nightlife of Shillong

As you bid farewell to Shillong, indulge in the city’s buzzing nightlife by exploring the bars and venues in Police Bazaar and Laithumkra. These lively areas offer a plethora of options to unwind and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Shillong after dark.

Immerse yourself in the charms of Shillong, a city that seamlessly blends the contemporary and the natural, leaving you with unforgettable memories of your Northeast India adventure.

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