Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism (Entry Fee & Timings)

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Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism (Entry Fee & Timings)

Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism

Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism: Hello friends, today we will learn about Satkosia Tiger Reserve, after Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Satkosia is a very beautiful reserve forest.

The vast Satkosia Tiger Reserve, located in four districts – Nayagarh, Cuttack, Angul, and Boudh, consists of two contiguous sanctuaries: Baisipalli Sanctuary and Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary.

  • Distance From Kharagpur Is Approx. 490Km Via NH316A and NH16
  • Distance From Bhubaneswar Is Approx. 186Km Via NH57
  • Google Map: Satkosia Tiger Reserve

Administered by the Forest and Environment Department of the Government of Odisha, this wildlife refuge received sanctuary status in 1976. Home to a rich array of flora and fauna, Satkosia Tiger Reserve is not only a biodiversity hotspot but also a captivating destination that fascinates visitors.

Wildlife lovers get a chance to see various species in their natural habitat. For those seeking a more intense experience, the reserve offers inviting nature camps, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquility of this picturesque area.

What is Satkosia Tiger Reserve famous for?

Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism (Entry Fee & Timings)

Nestled in natural grandeur, Satkosia is famous for its breathtaking valley, a view that emanates from its heart. This enchanting location serves as an ideal retreat for group camping, leisurely travel, and witnessing the vibrant tapestry of wildlife.

The name ‘Satkosia’ is a combination of ‘Sat’, meaning seven, and ‘Kos’, meaning two miles. The nomenclature refers to the 14-mile stretch of the Mahanadi River that passes through this wildlife sanctuary.

Satkosia holds a unique distinction as the convergence point of two biogeographical regions of India – the Eastern Ghats and the Deccan Peninsula. This intersection contributes significantly to the wide biodiversity of the region, making Satkosia a paradise for nature lovers and a testament to the beauty of India’s diverse landscapes.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve Ticket Price:

1) For Entry Permits:

  • Indian Citizens:
    • Individual: Rs. 20/person
    • Group (20 or more): Rs. 10/person
  • Foreign Nationals:
    • Individual: Rs. 1000/person
    • Group (10 or more): Rs. 200/person
  • Students:
    • Individual: Rs. 20/student
    • Group (10 or more): Rs. 10/student
  • For Conducting Scientific Research:
    • Indian: Rs. 30/person
    • Foreign National: Rs. 450/person
  • Children below three years: Free
  • Physically disabled: Free
  • Jeep/Car/LMV per day: Rs. 5.00 per vehicle per day
  • HMV/2-wheelers: Not allowed

2) Additional Fees:

  • Trekking/Nature Trail:
    • Indian: Rs. 20/- per head/day (in addition to the entry fee)
    • Foreign National: Rs. 100/- per head/day (in addition to the entry fee)
  • Still Camera, Amateur Photographer:
    • Indian: Rs. 20/- per camera for the first 3 days & Rs. 10/-/day thereafter
    • Foreign National: Rs. 100/- per camera for the first 3 days & Rs. 40/-/day thereafter
    • Professionals:
      • Indian: Rs. 50/- per camera/day
      • Foreign National: Rs. 400/- per camera/day
  • Cine Camera (Smaller than 35 mm), Amateur:
    • Indian: Rs. 200/- per camera/day
    • Foreign National: Rs. 1000/- per camera/day
    • Professional:
      • Indian: Rs. 1000/- per camera/day
      • Foreign National: Rs. 10,000/- per camera/day


  • Entry permits require the presentation of a Photo ID card, PAN card, Driving License of the vehicle, or Passport (for Foreigners).
  • Fees are levied for trekking/nature trails and the use of cameras based on the type of visitor and purpose.
  • Professionals are categorized separately, with distinct fees for still and cine cameras.

Entry permits issued at specified locations:

For the convenience of visitors, entry permits can be obtained at the following designated locations:

  1. Pampasar
  2. Chhamundia
  3. Kusanga

These locations serve as accessible points to obtain entry permits to ensure a seamless experience for individuals and groups visiting the Satkosia Tiger Reserve.

Exploring Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha

Satkosia Tiger Reserve Hakimapada Angul Odisha Tourism (Entry Fee & Timings)

Embark on a journey of discovery into the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha, where a wealth of experiences await you. The reserve reveals its wonders on the northern and southern sides, each offering unique landscapes and attractions.

Exploration on the northern side:

  • Tikarpada: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Tikarpada, a northern area with its own distinct charm.
  • Purunakot: Explore the historical and natural richness of Purunakot, while adding a cultural touch to your adventure.
  • Chhotkei: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Chhotkei, a picturesque place that mesmerizes with its peace.

South Side Adventures:

  • Badamul: Discover the natural wonders of Badamul on the southern shore, offering a blend of nature’s grandeur and wildlife encounters.
  • Kuanria: Experience the unique charm of Kuanria, a place that promises a harmonious relationship with the natural surroundings.
  • Sappathar: Uncover the secrets of Sappathar, a place that fascinates with its untouched beauty and wonders of wildlife.

Camping and Staying Experiences:

When visiting these areas, take advantage of the opportunity to be close to nature. Camping and accommodation facilities are available at select locations, providing an immersive experience.

However, it is important to note that these camps require prior permission to stay, and they often include paid facilities. A chance to spend a night in the heart of the reserve can be a unique thrill for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts, offering a unique blend of excitement and satisfaction.

How to Reach Satkosia Tiger Reserve

Satkosia Tiger Reserve, located about 162 km from Bhubaneswar, attracts travellers with its pristine forest. Making the journey easy, it takes just 3 hours to reach the reserve from Bhubaneswar, a well-connected city by air, rail, and road.

For a convenient and comfortable journey, consider booking a private cab from a reputed car rental company in Bhubaneswar. This option not only ensures faster transit but also allows you to enjoy the scenic route with ease.

Access to Bhubaneswar:

  • By Air: Tourists arriving by air can book flights to Biju Patnaik International Airport, which will provide seamless connectivity to major cities across the country.
  • By Train: Those who opt for rail travel can book tickets for Bhubaneswar Railway Station, which is a well-connected hub that facilitates easy arrival.
  • By Road: Bhubaneswar has the Baramunda Bus Stand, an interstate terminal where buses from neighboring states operate regularly, providing a convenient road travel option.

Start your journey to Satkosia Tiger Reserve from Bhubaneswar, featuring multiple travel options for an enriching adventure amidst the wonders of nature.

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