Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism – Timing, Entry Fee, and More

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Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism - Timing, Entry Fee, and More

Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism – Timing, Entry Fee, and More

Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism: Hadagarh Dam in Keonjhar is located on the Salandi River within the Anandpur sub-division of Keonjhar district. The dam stands as a vital infrastructure, providing an extensive water source for the area dedicated to irrigation purposes. Surrounded by a spectacular natural environment with high mountain ranges, this reservoir offers a picturesque view that attracts nature admirers. It serves as a delightful spot for picnickers and holidaymakers throughout the year.

  • The distance From Kharagpur to Hadagarh Dam Odisha Is Approx. 208 Km Via NH-316A
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The natural beauty of the reservoir, coupled with the gentle flow of the stream, creates many picturesque picnic spots that attract tourists in every season. Conveniently located only 28 km from Anandapur, and 32 km from Chakratirtha Waterfall this place offers a perfect blend of tranquility and recreational opportunities. Whether one wants irrigation functionality or leisure enjoyment, Hadagarh Dam in Keonjhar is a testament to both practicality and aesthetic appeal, inviting all to partake in its natural splendor.

Detail Of Hadagarh Dam

Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism - Timing, Entry Fee, and More

Hadagarh Dam in Keonjhar, officially named Salandi Dam, is a monumental project consisting of the construction of a composite dam on the Salandi River, a tributary of Baitarani near Hadagarh. The dam consists of a 640 m long earthen dam and a 114.6 m long masonry dam, with eight spillway gates, each spanning 12.2 m. With a height of 51.82 metres, construction of the dam began in 1960 and was completed in 1983.

The catchment area of the reservoir extends to 673 km², with a designed flood discharge of 5140 m³/s. At full reservoir level (FRL) at 82.3 m, the water spread area covers 31.82 km², with a gross storage capacity of 601 MM³. Notably, irrigation is not provided directly from the dam; Instead, the water released through the river is redirected for irrigation in Bidyadharpur through a constructed barrage.

Salandi Main Canal

Hadagarh Dam Keonjhar Odisha Tourism - Timing, Entry Fee, and More

In 1973, the Salandi Main Canal was established as part of the original proposal. Subsequently, the FRL was increased to 6.1 meters by the installation of eight radial gates. This additional storage was strategically planned for utilization by expanding irrigation on the right bank through the Anandpur Canal.

Hadagarh village, located in the Kendujhar district of Odisha, is home to the Salandi Dam. The dam is managed and operated by the Water Resources Department of the Odisha Government. Its impressive dimensions include a length of 817.4 meters and a height of 62 meters. The dam was officially opened in 1965 with a construction cost of Rs. 16.49 crores.


The dam plays an important role in the water resources management of the region, providing a significant capacity of 3256 cumec. The surface area of the reservoir is 3,100 hectares, with a catchment area of 673 km². Geographically, the dam is located at latitude 21°17’18” North and longitude 86°18’00” East.


The climate around Salandi Dam has similar temperatures throughout the year, with high humidity in the coastal areas. The annual rainfall of 1444 mm falls mainly during the southwest monsoon, which lasts from June to September.

Tourists visiting Salandi Dam can visit nearby attractions such as Sanaghagara Waterfall, Khandadhar Waterfall,  Badaghagara, District Library, District Museum, Murgamahadev, and more. Adventure enthusiasts can explore the waterfalls around the area.

For connectivity:

Kendujhar is well connected by rail with railway stations like Banspani (BSPX) and Kendujhargarh (KDJR). Barbil is also accessible by road network with regular bus services.

The nearest airports are Ranchi Airport (IXR) in Ranchi, Jharkhand (177 km away) and Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (174 km away).


Salandi Niloy and Forest Authority Bungalows are situated on the banks of river Salandi. Enthusiasts can indulge in temple visiting, riverside picnics, and exploring natural places.

For emergencies and information:

visitors can contact +91 7077704481 or email [email protected]. The geographical coordinates of Salandi Dam are 21.291206,86.296224, and the phone number of Bhubaneswar’s head office is +91 (674) 253 6764.

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