Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024 Odisha Tourism

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Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024

Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024 Odisha Tourism

Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024: Paradip, located 115 km from the capital Bhubaneswar, is one of the major commercial ports in the country. Its importance is linked not only to its economic role but also to its captivating natural beauty.

  • Distance From Bhubaneswar Is Approx. 115km Via Cuttack – Paradeep Rd
  • Google Map: Paradeep Sea Beach

Nestled amidst lush green forests, adorned with natural coves, and an attractive island, Paradip Beach emerges as a gem among the coastal destinations of Odisha.

Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024

The convergence of Mahanadi with the Bay of Bengal gives Paradip a unique charm. The combination of clear blue waters and lush green forests creates a picturesque landscape, which attracts tourists from far and wide. Particularly mesmerizing is the experience of a leisurely drive along Marine Drive as the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky orange and pink.

The huge cargo ships anchored in the harbor add to the attraction, a sight that never fails to fascinate photographers in search of that perfect shot.

Things to do

  • Beach Activities:  While indulging in normal beach activities, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a lifeguard before venturing into the sea to ensure safety among the waves.
  • Moments of Solitude:  Take some time to immerse yourself in a tranquil environment, allow yourself to enjoy the peace, and appreciate the beauty of solitude.

Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024

  • Paradip Marine Aquarium:  Housed within a small boat-shaped building, this aquarium houses a wide variety of marine and freshwater animals, providing entertainment especially for children.
  • Port Visit: With the necessary permissions, visitors can explore the workings of the port, and gain information about the bustling activities that contribute to Paradip’s commercial importance.

The attraction of Paradeep lies not only in its commercial potential but also in its harmonious blend of natural splendor and coastal charm, making it a must-see destination for travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure on the beaches of Odisha.

Bhubaneshwar To Paradeep Sea Beach

Paradeep Sea Beach Things To Do In 2024

On reaching Bhubaneswar, you will be transferred to a hotel located on the tranquil shore of the Paradip Sea coast. After refreshing yourself, set out to explore the coastline adorned with lush green forests, blue waters, and charming pebbles and seashore rocks.

Tourists seeking peace can take a dip in the soothing indigo waters, while others can marvel at the historical significance of Kalinga Baliyatra, also known as Biju Maidan, which is a major tourist attraction of Odisha. Enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel.

Nehru Bangla: A Glimpse of History

Just 12 kilometers from Paradip Beach is Nehru Bangla, the guest house where India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stayed during the inauguration of the Paradip Port.

This historical site has been converted into a tourist destination, giving visitors a glimpse of the past. After visiting Nehru Bangla, return to your hotel.

Sarala Temple: A Journey of Ancient Wisdom

In the morning, drive to Sarala Temple, a site of deep historical significance as the center of the Parashurama cult. Legend has it that Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, struck the goddess with his arrow and worshiped her for knowledge and power.

After immersing yourself in the spiritual ambiance of Sarala Temple, return to Bhubaneswar Airport or Railway Station for your onward journey.

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