Off The Beaten Path – A Visit to Louisiana’s 6 Upbeat Beaches

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Off The Beaten Path: A Visit to Louisiana’s 6 Upbeat Beaches

Off The Beaten Path – A Visit to Louisiana’s 6 Upbeat Beaches

Off The Beaten Path – A Visit to Louisiana’s 6 Upbeat Beaches: Louisiana, a southern coastal state on the Gulf of Mexico, is not overflowing with beaches and is best known for its marshlands. But whatever beaches it has, those are enough to surprise you in many ways. Many consider this coastal state as a holiday destination to celebrate Mardi Gras or to admire Voodoo culture. However, for those, looking for a beach vacation somewhere secluded, Louisiana beaches are a perfect match.

So before you book a Louisiana flight, read our blog to know what kind of beach vacation to expect from this land of Cajun and Creole cuisine, bayous, jazz music, and diverse cultural heritage. Here are the 6 best beaches in Louisiana to make your visit to the coast unforgettable.

North Beach

Okay! North Beach is not right next to the ocean and is a lakeside beach. But its sandy shores, emerald waters of Lake Charles, vacationers sunbathing on the sands, and youngsters playing volleyball, make it no less than a glamorous beach of Los Angeles. There is a marina and a scenic promenade that links three popular parks. Indulge in water activities to unleash your inner adventurous spirit. Stay there till sunset and delight in the ethereal sundown views over the lake.

Cypremort Point Beach

Nestled between Grand Isle and Cameron, Cypremort Point Beach, overlooking Vermilion Bay, is another hidden beach treasure of Louisiana. Beachcombers come here to windsurf, boat, and fish. However, being one of the famous Louisiana beaches, Cypremort Point beach is comparatively crowded. Go on a short trip to the nearby barrier islands, bays, and coastal marshlands. If you want to spend the night near the beach, rent one of the cabins located on the beach.

Grand Isle Beach

It is one of the most hyped Louisiana beaches, which is visited by almost all tourists. Grand Isle in Louisiana is a narrow-barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico, which is known for its sandy beaches, campsites, fishing parks, and trails. The beach is located in the state park, which is home to migratory birds, animals, shoals of redfish, and tarpon. You can spend all day fishing, lounging on the sands, or surfing. The nearby fishing village hosts the annual Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival and International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo. So, make sure you are visiting Grand Isle during the events to catch up on the island’s culture.

Holly Beach

Before you head to Holly Beach, pack all your supplies, as there are no built-up developments around the beach. You may come across some locals, roaming on the sandy beach with their kids. You can decide to pitch your tent here for the night, but being one of the secluded beaches close to Louisiana, just spend the bright, sunny day building sandcastles, swimming, and surfing. Before you head back, just take a quick stroll on the beach and look for the prettiest shells to bring home as a souvenir.

Fontainebleau State Park Beach

Fontainebleau State Park is undoubtedly one of the perfect destinations to plan a family-friendly getaway in Louisiana. It exudes a tropical charm and many recreational activities for adults and children. There’s so much to discover in the park that it is impossible to cover everything in one day. Camping is a popular activity here. You can either pitch in your tent near the beach or rent one of the cabins available. Visitors don’t leave the park without hiking the 6 miles trail. You can either walk or opt for a cycle to cover the trek. The entire is a natural habitat of more than 400 species of birds, and sighting a deer or other wildlife creature is not uncommon.

Rutherford Beach

How about falling asleep to the sound of ocean waves and waking up to a bright sunny day on the beach? Visitors to Rutherford Beach prefer to pitch up their tent right on the beach or drive their RV onto the sand. Go kayaking or canoeing in both the Mermentau River and the Gulf of Mexico at Rutherford Beach. The nearby area of the beach is largely inhabited by the locals, who are friendly enough to guide you with local culture. If you are spending the night, just wake up early in the morning to collect some beautiful sea shells.

Final Takeaway

Louisiana shares its borders with the Gulf of Mexico and hence there’s no dearth of serene Louisiana gulf beaches. These beaches may not attract large crowds or may not be as glamorous as the LA beaches, but they have their own charm. Tourists to Louisiana never miss experiencing these low-key, secluded beaches, which offer the same beach vacation vibe as any other tropical destination.

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